The day has finally arrived, the day all Samsung fans have been waiting for. Unfortunately its not a new flagship device. Rather it’s the day of Samsung Developer Conference. There’s a lot on the line for Samsung, and there are some surprises that we can expect this year.
The event will kick off today at 10 am PST. You can catch it live on YouTube.
Samsung Developer Conference is at the same level as Google’s I/O event or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Although all three of these events are geared more towards developers rather than consumers, fans of all three companies are stoked to catch them every year.
One of the things to look forward at Samsung Developer Conference is the company’s first completely foldable phone. Samsung hasn’t been shy at posting leaks and teasers about this unique smartphone. The South Korean electronics giant has changed its profile picture on both its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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The new profile pictures show the Samsung logo folded on top of itself. This is a not too subtle way of showing an early glimpse of its plans to the entire world. Samsung had been teasing such a creation since as early as 2013.
People started freaking out when the idea was first pitched. 5 years later, it seems it might be a reality after all. Critics are calling it the Samsung X. The phone will go on sale sometime in 2019. For the first time, Samsung will show this product at a Developer’s conference.
Historically speaking, Samsung shows off new products at the Unpacked media event. The SDC will be a great event as it will hopefully put an end to all the mystery surrounding the phone.
The second product users can look forward to is Samsung’s Galaxy Home. Samsung’s take on a home assistant will be something everyone will be looking forward to. Galaxy Home was first unveiled alongside Galaxy Note 9 back in August.
It is the first time Samsung will be making such a product, so all the pressure in the world in on Samsung’s shoulder. Samsung will be competing for head to head with the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home.
Samsung’s home assistant will be backed by the Bixby voice assistant, which will help users carry out day to day tasks. It remains to be seen how the device will perform in day to day life. People’s curiosity will be enough to leave a lot of fans eager for today’s event.
Samsung did come up with the SmartThings app several years ago, but never truly focused on a physical home assistant device.
Samsung is late to the home assistant party so it will have an uphill battle at its end.
The last item on the Samsung agenda will be Augmented Reality. AR is a topic that Samsung has not been able to fully focus on, until now.  There will be a lot of AR related discussions during the two-day developer conference. the event will see a “soft roll-out” of Samsung’s Project Whare.
The project is described by Samsung as a platform where users will be able to share and experience several Augmented Reality objects and interactions at a large scale.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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