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Our goal at TechEngage is to bring the latest news and reviews to tech fans everywhere.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unbiased product reviews and timely coverage of technological breakthroughs. Our editorial team covers all the latest reviews and breakthroughs in the tech industry and aims to make every click worth your time. We are all about providing fair and unbiased insights on the latest technological advancements.

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Our Story

Years 2003-2010

TechEngage was a community-based non-profit organization founded to provide unemployed and under-employed technical professionals with an affordable opportunity to obtain high-quality training to be competitive in a tough job market.

We provided training in the form of a multi-day conferences featuring world-class instructors. These conferences were designed to help participants develop their skills, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and prepare for the job-hunting process. As part of our effort to prepare participants for their job searches, our conferences included instruction on crucial soft skills such as networking and resume-writing.

We also provided participants with opportunities to meet and develop relationships with potential employers.

TechEngage is a North Carolina-based non-profit corporation and is in the process of applying for non-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the United States IRS federal tax code. All costs associated with our conferences are underwritten by donations from corporations, institutional partners, and grants from local, state, and federal governments. The TechEngage team includes a non-paid executive committee and volunteer technology instructors.

TechEngage is a community-based organization, and we asked that all participants in our conferences give back to the community in one of two ways:

  • By making a cash donation of $150 to the TechEngage Foundation to be used to host more technical conferences and to support technology initiatives at local charitable organizations.
  • Volunteering at least 40 hours of high-tech support services to a local non-profit organization.

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The year 2009-2010

TechEngage.com becomes a space for honest reviews and opinion pieces on the latest technology news on topics including smartphones, software, IT, automobiles, science, computers, and more.

Years 2010 and onwards

In 2010 TechEngage evolved into an online tech magazine covering a broad range of topics

TechEngage is now a hub for tech geeks and anyone interested in technology news. We aim to bring the latest innovations to people with a wide range of knowledge. Because we live in the dazzling world of screens, we strive to provide a platform that appeals to everyone.

Our news and advice gives you a heads-up on what’s happening in the world of tech, but doesn’t try to see you on a specific products or world-views. We are all about providing fair and unbiased insights on the latest technological advancements.

Our editorial team covers all the latest reviews and breakthroughs in the tech industry and we aim to make every click on TechEngage worth your while.

Last but not the least; we are open to what you’ve got to say!

We love to hear from our readers, so feel free to send your constructive tips and suggestions in the comments.