Brand Kit

The logo is an integral part of our business and should be thoughtfully and consistently. Taking a screenshot of the logo distorts it, therefore, prohibited for online as well as print purposes. However, if the downloaded logo, used on a website, is viewed on phones with poor resolutions, a concession can be made.

techengage logo 3-white bg

techengage logo 2-whitee bg

techengage logo 1-blue bg

techengage icon-blue bg

techengage icon-whitebg

techengage icon 3-whitebg

techengage icon 3-transparent

techengage icon 2-whitebg

techengage icon 2-transparent

techengage icon 1-transparent


Our logo should ‘breathe’ and must be readable. That is why we have a sufficient space between the shape and its text. The orientation must always be presented just as in the logo and should never be compromised.

Photo Background

Our logo can be used with a photo background. However, the background photo must not camouflage either the text or the shape in the logo. Avoid using images with too much detail.

Color Palette

The logo can be used with different background colors as you like. Refrain from using too bright colors for the logo as well as the background. Make sure you use the same color with a different shade for the logo and its background just as in the original logo.

Light Blue
R: 198
G: 240
B: 254
Deep Sky Blue
R: 0
G: 204
B: 255
Baby Blue
R: 153
G: 226
B: 255
Sky Blue
R: 102
G: 204
B: 255
Sky Blue
R: 102
G: 204
B: 255
Sky Blue
R: 102
G: 204
B: 255


The logo is incomplete without the company’s name. The name must be in the same font and size, all capital letters with the word ‘Tech’ in a different color shade than ‘Engage’ without space. The name must be legible.


Our logo and site banner can be used for advertisement purposes. Here are a few guidelines for them:

Online broadcasting

Advertisement in the form of online broadcasting should make sure that the pixels do not go below 300 with a resolution of 300×57. Online broadcasting is one of the most extensively used forms of advertising.

Printable Handouts

Printable handouts should also follow the same guidelines as far as the dimensions are concerned. A grainy picture of the site or the faded color print should not be used.


A clear picture with vibrant colors should be used on the billboard advertisement. The dimension guidelines ought not to be compromised on the billboard as well.

Final Words

Our guidelines are very flexible to provide you the freedom of using our logo consistently where necessary. If you are still confused, feel free to contact us.

We do not compromise on the consistency of our branding, thank you for your cooperation!