Humans and technology have become increasingly connected over the past few decades, and it can be difficult to balance the two without losing sight of the real meaning of life. TechEngage is committed to helping readers find a balance; to do this, we are constantly developing useful tools.

For example, we have created a range of apps to help you manage your daily tasks more efficiently, such as scheduling meetings, sending reminders, and organizing tasks. We also offer a variety of tools to help you stay connected with friends and family, like real-time video chat, group chat, and photo sharing.

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Health Tools

BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator helps the community to easily check their BMI Levels.

BMI Calc

Age Calculator

With the help of age calculator, you can calculate your age, including years, months, weeks, and days.

Age Calc

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

The DCI Calculator or Daily Calorie Intake Calculator let’s you calculate the daily calories intake for your body to manage your health.

DCI Calc

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Estimate your due date and track your pregnancy milestones with our pregnancy due date calculator.

PDD Calc

Recipe Catalog

Access a wide variety of recipes and create your own recipe collections with our user-friendly recipe catalog.

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YouTube Downloader

Download your favorite YouTube videos easily with our free YouTube downloader tool.

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In addition to these tools, we have also created resources to help readers find ways to stay connected to their passions and interests. Our blog features thought-provoking stories and articles that explore the human side of technology. We also host virtual events, such as workshops and webinars, to help readers stay up-to-date on the latest tech developments.

It is our mission to bring people and technology together without sacrificing the values that make life meaningful. We strive to create small tools that can make a big difference in people’s lives by helping them stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

At TechEngage, we are dedicated to creating tools that help our readers stay connected to the world and to each other. We believe that technology can be a powerful tool for good and are committed to helping our readers find balance and meaning in their lives.

We offer a variety of practical tools for health and lifestyle needs. Our selection includes a Body Mass Index calculator, age calculator, daily calorie calculator, pregnancy due date calculator, and recipe catalog.