is aimed at being the best and trusted site in the tech field. tests all items before considering.  The primary drive for viewing products is to ensure, our readers get relevant information on the various items. Besides, we offer our readers long-term attention on reviews which are regularly updated. reviews are not only maintained but regularly updated, regardless of the time and release date in the market. is a global site with so many users, who are technology experts.  Therefore, we write our reviews to the experts, who are not only interested in new technology but also, want to use and enjoy the quality and right technology in the market. TechEngage gives reviews as they are, without favoring any item performance.

To all users:

  • never has and will never take any payment for any positive review.
  • We conduct reviews of things we feel our users and visitors are interested in knowing.
  • always gives information on what we think you should be aware but not what advertisers want everyone to hear.
  • All our reviewers are in love with technology; hence the information will always be put as it is, to warn you against items which will just waste your money.
  • We have high standards for rating tech items. Therefore, if the item does not meet the standards, we will let you know.
  • In case we fail to deliver to you as promised, please feel free to contact us and will rectify that. Scoring system

Just like many other reviewing sites, uses the familiar five-star rating systems. If an item has more stars, it indicates how good it is, and similarly, fewer stars mean low in quality. However, our evaluation depends on the factors listed below:

  • The performance of the item: We check if all the features perform as indicated, and how well the entire object is performing.
  • The design of the item: checks if the item is well designed to have a good look and a nice feeling as expected.
  • The value of the item: We also rate items based on their price during launching as compared to the performance, design, and usability.
  • Usability: an item is rated based on its ease of use as indicated and expected.

Note: Reviews are hands-on reviews.  These are reviewers’ impressions from the items, based on the time they have spent with the product, whether for long or some hours to test it.