TechEngage will be sending a team of reporters to the Mobile World Congress 2019 event in Barcelona, which runs from February 25th to February 28th.

The event, which covers so much more than mobile and now goes by simply “MWC,” is one of the largest tech shows in the world. Over 2,400 companies will take part, showing off the latest innovations in fields including mobile, digital wellness, AI, and robotics.

The show is part conference, part exhibition. The conference agenda includes talks on the future of robotics, getting more women into the sciences, healthcare, AI and machine learning, 5G, crypto, and the social implications of disruptive technologies.

The diverse range of keynote speakers at this year’s Congress hail from Cisco, Google, Groupon, HTC, Huawei, Microsoft, Sprint, Vimeo, and more. Other speakers include tech influencers and policymakers, such as Mariéme Jamme from iamtheCode, the African-led global movement which aims to train 1 million women and girls to code by 2030 and Columbia University’s Amina J. Mohammed, who currently serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Thousands of exhibitors will be showing off their tech across multiple buildings, in special pavilions, and in an immersive “Innovation City” built for the occasion. The “city” will offer a “unique experiential journey” allowing attendees to “see how mobile-connected products and services are improving the daily lives of citizens, enterprises, and governments around the globe.”

Attendees will also get the first glimpse of long-awaited mobile innovations such as foldable phones and the new 5G phones from LG and Huawei, which have both been confirmed. They will also get a look at new tech such as Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented-reality glasses, Nubia’s phone-wearable hybrid device, devices and apps to promote efficient healthcare, and printable nanotechnology-based sensors.

While MWC has undergone a change to be more than just a mobile device showcase in recent years, much of the news on the event centers around just that. TechEngage will aim to bring readers news on a wide range of innovations as well as their potential for societal good.

TechEngage’s MWC team will include CEO Jazib Zaman, as well as reporters Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Nouman Sarwar, who studies law at City University, London.

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