Dodge these battery draining Apps to administer your battery level.

You can get a phone with a large battery that lasts about a day or more and still there will be some apps that can sink your battery life. These apps drain your battery by running services in the background and end up sucking your phone’s juice. These battery draining apps keep your phone busy and result in battery loss.

Top Battery Draining Apps 2019

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1. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the cruel apps that doesn’t have a kind spot for your phone’s battery. The notification service will keep your phone busy and suck battery out of it. Snapchat also uses location services to report the real-time location of the user. It is a feature in Snapchat that you can enable or disable depending on what you want to do with it. However, the app is a camera app with chat, video stories features. That’s the main reason it uses much battery.

You can avoid using Snapchat unless you are a Snapchat freak. In that case, you can turn off the live location feature.

Go to Snapchat > Settings > “Who Can” tab > See My Location > Choose “Ghost Mode.

You can also deny Snapchat’s permission to location services in case you don’t want this app to do anything with the location. Here’s another tip for you, turn off unnecessary notifications of the app, and that’s how you save battery. Particularly, wake screen, and random notifications.

You can read our guide on how to save battery on Android. Snapchat also takes much space on your phone. In this case, you can read our guide on how to free up space android.

Streaming Apps

Streaming apps are the most battery greedy apps. It is because they use speakers for sound, display and internet services at the same time. Some of the apps run in the background and push notifications to let the user know about the new shows. Here are the streaming apps that are using your battery in the background and foreground more than other apps.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most battery draining apps. It sucks the battery out of your phone. Netflix also sends notifications, and it’s another reason for the battery drain. You can limit screen time by using Netflix less on the phone and more on the web. Also, don’t be a Netflix addict because recently an Indian patient was treated for the first time.

3. YouTube

YouTube is everyone’s favorite. Most of us spend much time watching videos and Vlogs but here’s the thing, these streaming apps drain most of the battery juice, and that’s why it must be monitored and regulated. You can limit YouTube watching time by using “Remind me to take break” feature within the app.

4. Facebook

The biggest social network app also uses a tremendous amount of battery. If you are not a user of these streaming apps, I am sure that Facebook is the top app in your phone that’s draining your phone’s battery life. It runs in the background syncs updates, contacts, runs a notification service and many background processes. It sounds like an absolute mess. But, don’t worry, there’s always a way.

You can either limit using the app on your phone or turn off all the notifications from inside the app. This way, it won’t drain the battery with notifications. Also, restrict background data and battery usage of this app. It will radically decrease your battery draining issue. I tried it on my phone, and it works like a charm. Android Pie allows you to manage permissions individually, so my phone is working fine.

Messaging Apps

Everyone got a messaging app on his or her phone. WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, WeChat and many more. Messaging apps are one of the most used apps on any phone. These apps take a lot of battery.

5. Messenger

Messenger is one of the messaging apps that are responsible for the highest battery drain. It runs in the background like Facebook. It syncs contacts and pushes notifications from time to time. You can’t send messages on Facebook without installing messenger which is a bummer.

To escape Messenger, you can install Messenger Lite for Android and iOS that is designed for low-end smartphones. If you have a high-end phone, the lite app won’t cost you anything and will use less battery. That’s how you can escape battery hungry Facebook Messenger.

6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is everyone’s favorite messaging app and has more than a billion users. The app runs in the background and will drain your battery if used. There’s no alternative to it. All you can do is limit App’s usage and stop clearing it from recent apps if you use it often. You can read our complete guide on how to save battery life on Android phones.


NEWS apps are also one of the apps that are responsible for battery drain. These apps keep syncing content from time to time and send a lot of notifications. How to avoid this? You can use one NEWS app and turn off all unimportant notifications. Make sure you’ve turned on battery optimization as discussed here. These are the NEWS app that drains a phone’s battery.

7. Google NEWS

8. Flipboard


10. Tik Tok (

Tik Tok ( uses a lot of battery as it is another social app with video playing and recording features. The battery drain due to this app can be minimized by turning off unnecessary notifications and limit its usage. Try not to use the app on mobile data because it drastically impacts battery in both ways.

Battery-boosting Apps

One thing I want you to understand precisely is that battery boosting or RAM boosting apps are totally ineffective. The notion is to keep your phone clean of the unnecessary apps by forcing them to turn off in the background. But what actually happens is that these apps keep running in the background to close other apps and are a big reason for battery draining issues.

So, avoid these battery draining apps at any cost and keep your phone clean. Clean Master is a typical example of battery-boosting app popular on Google Play.

So, these were ten battery draining apps that you should avoid. I categorized them in different categories just to keep things simple. Make sure you follow these tips to resolve your battery draining issue.

Let us know if we missed an app that ruins the battery.

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