If you are worried about getting a flat tire and getting stuck by the side of the road, then there is a better alternative. Why don’t you pack a small air compressor in the back of the car, and you will always have an emergency plan to get back on the road again!

Why do you need a tire inflator?

There is a wide range of inflators available in the market. You can choose a battery powered air pump that can inflate tires or a 12-volt tire inflator that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. Just know that the easiest way to protect your self from an unexpected flat tire is to keep a small air compressor close by. Just imagine that it is a dark night, or a rainy day, just when you don’t want to stop the car? But what do you do if you get a flat tire? Simply pull out your emergency tire inflator and in a couple of minutes, you are good to go again.

No matter what the problem is, when you get a flat tire, you definitely need a backup plan. Even if you run over a nail, or get a puncture, or just a slow leak, you can inflate the tire enough to get you to home or the service station. Once you reach a repair station, you can fix the flat tire or get a new one!

Do you need to check if your tires are properly inflated?

The best thing about having your own small air compressor is that you can keep all of your tires inflated to the correct level. That way you can keep your car running at peak efficiency, and also keep the tires from being damaged. That way you get a longer life out of your tires. Gotta be happy with that!

And don’t forget the spare tire! It is a really bad feeling when you go to change a flat tire only to find the spare one is flat too. Save yourself the heartache of a flat spare by checking the inflation at home. The good thing is that it is so easy to check the tire pressure of the spare and simply top it up a bit whenever necessary. The small tire inflator can fit neatly in the spare tire compartment, so it is no trouble at all to keep it properly inflated just in case.

How to operate a small air compressor

No matter whether you prefer a tire inflator, or an air pump, all you have to do is connect the high-pressure outlet to the stem of the tire. The nozzle lever simply fits over the valve of the tire stem, and the lever folds down to lock firmly into position. Then you need to either plug the power lead into the cigarette lighter or power socket or maybe even clip the alligator clips to the battery terminals. Once you are ready, simply switch it on, and wait for the air pressure to come up the correct level. 

A good small air compressor should have its own pressure gauge so that you can monitor the air pressure. Be careful not to overinflate the tire. Simply switch off, and pack it all away. You are ready to go again!

You can use a small air compressor for car, SUV, bicycle, or sports gear

There is a wide range of small air compressors available in the market, for all kinds of applications. Tires for cars, bikes, SUVs and even sporting equipment can all be inflated with no trouble. They are so small that you can easily fit one in the back of the car. You can even pack one on your motorbike, or even carry it in your luggage. There is no excuse for suffering a flat tire emergency.

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