Apple Officially Announced “Peek Performance” March 8 event

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Apple has ended the tiresome wait of fans. It has announced the final date of the 2022 event on March 8 with the tagline “Peek Performance”. Rather than organizing this event in person, Apple is scheduling this event virtually. Moreover, Apple has not disclosed details of the March 8 event except the time and the date. Rumors are meandering in different directions.

Given the uncertainty of these rumors, we would rely on a more authentic resource like Bloomberg. According to this news outlet, Apple is probably going to launch the cheap and accessible iPhone SE and iPad Air. Bloomberg’s reporter Mark Gurman speculates that the new crop of Apple devices would come with new features.

Prominent among them are the A15 CPU, faster 5G, and sophisticated cameras. Let’s examine what this Apple Peek performance means for Apple enthusiasts. In this article, we will unravel the Apple March 8 event.

Official time and date of Apple March 8 event

No more rumors and canards about Apple’s spring event. We have confirmed the time and date from the official site of Apple Inc. Apple has scheduled the spring event for March 8. The spring event this year will kick off at 10 a.m. PST.

As the COVID-19 has ravaged the in-person meetings and mega communal events, it is the second time in a row that Apple is going to organize the event online. You can get access to this event online through the Apple TV app, iPad, Mac, iPhone, and the company’s YouTube channel. Moreover, you can visit their official website and can download the calendar to attend at an exact time.

Senior Vice President of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing,Greg Joswiak has tweeted the news about the March 8 event with a glimmering Apple logo. He has termed the event as the Peek Performance event, which is showing the company’s resolution to stun and baffle the Apple fans.

What to expect from the “Peek Performance” Apple March 8 event?

The Apple fans hold lofty and outlandish ambitions. Serendipitously, Apple has always exceeded them. In the Peek Performance Event, Apple is more likely to introduce three devices from the crop of Apple devices.

Let’s look one-by-one at the Apple devices that could be launched in the upcoming March 8 event.

iPhone SE3

Apple will purportedly launch the iPhone SE3 with more advanced and sophisticated features. It would be identical to the current iPhone SE and might have the 5G connectivity and A15 Bionic Chip. According to Bloomberg’s report, it would be cheaper with faster speed and enhanced camera results.

It is acceptable that this device is not the most thrilling one in the new crop of Apple devices, but it is the best option for the Android switchers. The exact price, design, and augmented features are still a mystery until the final launch of the upcoming March 8 event.

iPad Air 5

Before the official announcement of Apple’s March 8 event, there were speculations and rumors about the new crop of devices. However, after the official leak from Apple, devices will enchant Apple fans.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will launch the iPad Air 5 to replace the current version of iPad Air. The new version of the iPad Air would comprise of the 5G connectivity, A15 Bionic Chip, faster speed, and augmented camera.

12MP ultraWide front stage camera and center stage features would assist the users to capture the moments. Whether the users are walking, riding, or talking this feature would keep them in the camera frame.


Most noteworthy for Apple fans is the MacBook. In the upcoming March event, Apple will most probably launch the new Macs powered by Apple Silicon. Details are still are a mystery, and we don’t yet have any clear information about the upcoming Macs.

Software Updates

Besides the new crop of Apple devices, Apple is also beta testing the software updates. Such as iOS 15.4, HomePod Software 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, macOS 12.3, and watchOS 8.5. Apple is leading the progress into the realm of creation to develop new features like the Face ID and Universal Control.

Wrap up

There are many more rumors about the other devices which are unlikely to show in the first spring event this year. However, later this year, new devices such as MacBook Air, Apple Watches, new iPhone 14 models, and Mac Pro desktops can show up.

Breaking the boundaries is the habit of Apple manufacturers. That’s why we have to wait until the “Peek Performance” March 8 event. Let’s see together whether Apple has incorporated augmented features and ideas into the new crop of devices or not.

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