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We have heard a lot about Samsung’s Bixby and the question is will it involve third-party integrations or not. The wait is finally over as the Wall Street Journal made it clear.

Leaks have it that Samsung Developer Conference would reveal the launch of third-party “Capsules” for Bixby in future.

After Alexa and Siri, Samsung made a jump to the smartphone assistant by introducing Bixby. Unluckily, the things didn’t work out so well for Bixby. Samsung, having realized the situation, came up the third party capsules for Bixby. These third party capsules can prove to be a high selling point for the voice assistant. Hopefully, after this decision, Samsung can meet the competition with three giants of the niche namely, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.
These capsules can let the third parties build their custom responses for Bixby. It would make Bixby work more like Alexa skills or Google Assistant actions. Once integrated, the user can use Bixby to communicate with third parties to get a task done, for example ordering food. It seems something essential as the new Samsung home is about to make its way into the market.
Samsung would open up to a lot more challenges from the development perspective once these capsules roll out. These challenges are expected,  keeping in mind what Bixby is till date. The assistant never met the users’ expectations.
Also, the much-created hype about foldable phones is another reason behind the excitement for the Samsung developer conference. The leaks have it that the company is expected to give a demo of the folding phone alongside the reveal of third party capsules for Bixby!
We have our eyes on Samsung developer launch that is to take place next week in San Francisco. We are excited about the foldable phones and now these third party capsules by Samsung for Bixby.
What’s your take on Samsung’s decision to allow third-party integration?

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