2019 has seen a lot of great smartphones, including top of the line flagships from Google, Apple, Samsung and OnePlus. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 has been a solid contender for the flagship of the year, but since the release of Pixel 3 XL and OnePlus 6T, making the right choice has been extremely difficult.
Luckily Samsung has put out a pretty sweet deal on its Lavender colored Galaxy Note 9 phablet. Galaxy Note 9 will be $140 off and cost you $859. This is an exclusive deal available on Amazon only. So you best hurry before stocks run out.
Without any discount or sales promotion, Note 9 goes for $999 dollars. On paper, this might not seem like a big deal at all but this is a great deal considering this is the US version of the phones and will have a full one year warranty.
There are plenty of similar deals on eBay as well, but one has to be wary of such deals as there is a lot of chance of getting scammed on the website. The US version of Note 9 does not have a dual sim slot, but it does have expandable storage via SD card.

Users can expand their phones from the already pretty hefty 128 GB of internal storage. Then there’s the other downside of the discount being limited to the Lavender color of the phone. The Ocean Blue is $25 cheaper, with the phone costing $974.99.

While the midnight black version of the phone will be at its full price of $999. The smartphone is much more capable and jam-packed than its little brother the regular Samsung Galaxy 9. It also outperforms its biggest competitor iPhone X.

All of this is possible due to a Snapdragon 835 and a 4000 mAh battery, that is enough for users lasting throughout a day, and even more. Note 9 will have plenty of power and longevity thanks to its blazing fast processor, and exceptional battery timings. This makes it a great option for gaming enthusiasts.

But what about keeping the phone cool? Well, Samsung has come up with a unique workaround this problem. Samsung has installed a Water Carbon Cooling System. The cooling system will be your perfect companion during long gaming sessions.
And who can forget, the S-Pen, which in my opinion, is the Note’s biggest selling point? Note 9 is built for the power users, who want to make the most out of their time. In order to utilize their time effectively, they make use of the S-Pen to jot down notes and write emails etc. These tasks become a breeze thanks to the S-Pen.
Note 9 came out only 3 months ago on 24th August, and for it to go on sale already, is quite remarkable. For these reasons, I would seriously suggest making use of this deal while stocks last.

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