Sony is coming up with some pretty sweet deals just in time for Black Friday. All the deals will run for a week from  18th to 26th November. The best deal has to be the 1TB PS4 Pro with a copy of Spider-Man for only $200.
This is the perfect deal for PC enthusiasts who wanted to try SpiderMan ever since it came out but didn’t want to buy a PS4. Now they can try out the PS4 exclusive title without feeling guilty of having spent too much money.
There are other deals as well, such as the Astro Bot/Moss pack VR Bundle. This deal is also for $200. Some controllers are going on sale for just $40 bucks.
PlayStation Plus one year memberships will go on sale as well, between November 16th and November 27th. There’s also news of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 going on sale.
This year, however, Sony hasn’t planned a sale on PS4 Pro, like it did in 2017. Sony isn’t worried about the sale that its biggest competitor Microsoft will be putting out. Microsoft One X will go on sale at $400 for Black Friday.
Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle is most likely the reason why Sony isn’t too worried about its Black Friday sales. Red Dead is a massive game for both Sony and Microsoft. The game won’t come out for some time on the PC, if at all.

This gives plenty of reason for PC gamers to switch to console of their preference. So both console manufacturers are trying their hardest to attract the PC master race. They are doing this by bringing up sales such as these. These sales offer great value to customers and should not be missed out.
Microsoft One X is a 4K capable console with really powerful specs, so is extremely future proof. The discount will, therefore, attract plenty of new players. The $400 price tag is quite attractive, and it’s the lowest price the console has ever gone down to.
Microsoft also swore to put a $100 discount on their Xbox S Minecraft Limited Edition. The console and controller look quite unique, following the aesthetics of Minecraft. But the limited edition console might not be to everyone’s taste. Still, a $100 off on the slim edition of Xbox is a pretty great deal.
Other bundles will be offered at discounted rates as well. One of the bundle is Forza Horizon 4 bundle that will be $70 off. Best of all, every Xbox bundle will get a free digital version of the classic Xbox exclusive title Gears of War 4.
The company is also promising other titles will receive discounts as well. Some of these games include Sea of Thieves, Player’s Unknown BattleGrounds aka PUBG, Forza MotorSport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. This will be a tough time for Xbox as it’s been only a year since the Xbox One X came out, so the company needs to attract customers as much as they can.

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