Dot 3
Amazon sold Dot 3 for $50.

Amazon has made a fantastic sale of Echo Dot 3 just like other products present on Amazon online store. Amazon’s products have been one of the high revenue generating entities over the past two years. The continuous arrival of new products of versatile niches adds to the brand value.

Echo Dot 3 is a popular smart speaker driver and has become a new need for this generation.
The product design reveals the secret of its extraordinary features.

It looks modest but entertains in various fashions. No doubt, Dot 3 is an innovative product for the people of this era. It has occupied the position of best smart selling product on Amazon store. Question is how it captures the market so quickly? Amazon always play a trick to make its merchandise popular.
But what is that trick? Quality product at affordable price, of course. Amazon sold Dot 3 just in $50. How cool is that!
Presently, the price of top-notch smartphone is not less than $1000, but DOT 3 by Amazon is really economical.
It has been reported that new Dot 3 has beaten the markup and has successfully captured large sale in comparison to other Alexa products. It signifies to a way advancing towards echo line.
The first two product lines of the Alexa, echo products were not such popular. With competitors like Google, it is tough to sustain a significant position in the market. The statistical analytics revealed that Home mini by Google had surpassed the Echo Dot. This trend made Amazon upgrade the product in a new way.
New Echo Dot 3 seems far better than Home line, practically. It broke the difference between new and old product versions introduced by Alexa. It has an elegant design covered with soft fabric. The top is just like previous versions, rounded mettle black with a set of buttons on the head. The size of the new dot is larger than its prototypes. Astoundingly, the compact size of the newly launched Dot echo is one of its selling features. The design of the new device is elegant enough to display.
Dot 3 is 70 times louder than its previous versions.
Amazon provides additional two Dots for testing new stereo pairing features. Dot 3 is highly customizable as it enables the user to set the speakers flexibly. The third generation Dot isn’t a complete innovation, but it is an upgrade version for its users.
Home mini echo or Dot 3, what’s your pick?

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