Small screens are intimidating when it comes to watching movies; at least I don’t want to watch movies on a smartphone unless it’s the last device on this planet. If you think the same, then Chromecast is your best companion in this need of the hour.

Chromecast lets you stream media files to your TV. It’s a life-saving device for movies, and TV shows enthusiasts. I compiled these Chromecast hacks that will help you in taking full advantage of this valuable device.

Before we start, make sure that your Chromecast is set up with your TV, and the device that you’ll use to control it (smartphone/tablet) along with Chromecast, are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, download the Google Home app for Android and iOS to set up and control Google Chromecast.

Here are some Chromecast hacks that you can try:

Control Chromecast with your Voice

An image for Google Assistant integration with Chromecast

With Google Assistant, you can summon videos to your TV screen using the powers of Google Chromecast. All you have to do is to say the magic phrase and Google Assistant will follow the commands. With “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” voice command, you can ask Google Assistant to play movies, songs or News on your TV.

Just say “Play Stranger Things on TV,” and the next thing you’ll see is Stranger Things playing on your TV. Of course, you have to connect your Netflix account with Chromecast first. You can do it within Google Home app which controls Chromecast and other home devices.

Google Assistant can also play songs from Spotify, SoundCloud, and other streaming services with voice commands, you just have to connect these services to Google Home app.

Cast Facebook videos

An image for Facebook videos cast to Chromecast

The Facebook app also lets you cast videos to the Chromecast. With this Chromecast hack, you can watch Facebook videos on a large screen at just a click away. Find the cast button and select your device to start streaming.

Cast from YouTube

Cast videos from YouTube to Chromecast

Watching videos from YouTube on a big screen brings relief. You can cast popular videos of your crowned YouTubers in just a press of a button. Open the YouTube app and play a video, press the cast button that appears on top of the video and then select your device.

You can also create a YouTube video queue and watch it on the big screen with Chromecast.

Cast from Netflix

Cast from Netflix to Chromecast

Movies and TV shows from Netflix can also be played on your TV with the help of Chromecast. Just play the movie or TV show on your phone or tablet that you want to play on the big screen and look for cast icon, click on it and select the Chromecast device that you want to stream to, the movie will start streaming on the large screen.

Just like explained earlier, connecting Netflix account with Google Assistant will enable you to stream movies and TV shows using voice commands. Ask Google Assistant to play, and it’ll play that particular video on your big screen.

Cast from VLC

VLC supports Chromecast streaming, and you can watch movies straight from your PC or Mac by following our guide to cast a video from VLC to Chromecast. Just play any video on VLC and follow the instructions in the given link to start streaming movie to your big screen.

Cast from a local Media Server

Chromecast lets you stream movies directly to your TV screen. You can try different media servers and other ways to stream your favorite shows on the big screen. Another tip is that you can configure Kodi to play videos on your Chromecast.

Here are some apps that you can use to enjoy video content on the big screen.

Cast from Plex

Cast movies, photos or music from Plex media server

Plex media server serves movie geeks the right way with the ability to cast photos, movies, and songs that are present on your local server to the large screen. The premium version (Plex Pass) comes with more perks, but the free version works fine with casting movies to Chromecast.

After installing Plex Media server on your PC, organize your media files to stream videos to other devices as well as to Chromecast. You can follow the official website to setup Plex and then cast movies to Chromecast enabled TV.

Stream Music

Stream Music from Music streaming services to Chromecast

With Chromecast, you can also stream songs on your TV’s speakers or the Home theatre system. All you have to do is connect your favorite music streaming service, and it’ll play Music from your playlists on your Chromecast enabled device.

Music streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube Music can be connected with Chromecast for Music streaming. You can stream Music to your TV’s speakers or the home theatre system using Chromecast.

Cast from Google Photos

Cast photos from Google Photos to Chromecast enabled TV

You can feast your eyes with memories of vacations that you enjoyed with the family. Cast photos to the big screen using Google Photos app and Chromecast. Google Photos supports Chromecast and lets you watch photos and videos on the supported device.

Cast from Google Chrome

Cast tabs and websites from Google Chrome to Chromecast

Chrome lets you enjoy the content of the web browser on the big screen with Cast option built in. You can cast tabs from Chrome browser or videos that you’re playing online (on supported websites like YouTube) to the Chromecast. Here’s how this Chromecast tip will work:

  1. Press the three-dot menu on the upper right corner of Chrome
  2. Navigate to Cast and click it
  3. Select your device from the pop-up
  4. Start streaming the content or the tab of Chrome browser

Backdrop in Chromecast

When you connect and set up your Chromecast, you’ll see a backdrop which is a Chromecast home screen. It shows weather, news headlines and selected photos as wallpapers from your favorite service or Google Photos. You can configure the latest news headlines and weather information on the Google Home app.

Guest Mode

If you want guests to stop interrupting your movies on Chromecast, you can enable guest mode in Chromecast. When the guest mode is enabled, only you can cast to the device and others will have to ask the permission to get limited access. You can grant or deny access from the Google Home app.

This Chromecast tip will save you the pain of asking everyone to stop messing with the video that you’re watching on the big screen.

Cast Presentations

Cast presentations from Google Slides to big screens

Play presentations on your TV using Google Slide for the web. You can cast the tab from Google Chrome and show your slides on a big screen without wires and projectors.

These were the tips for your Chromecast that you can try to improve the streaming experience. If you’ve something more to add, you can share your favorite Chromecast hacks and uses in the comments section below.

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