No doubt, where technology has made an invasion into one’s personal life easier, it has also made some serious crimes impossible. Your social media accounts being hacked is as big of a nightmare as someone stealing your car (maybe). You would always want to have two-step verification enabled on your social media accounts for advanced security. As much as you want this two-step verification on your social accounts, getting one on your car would be great too!

Well, we are absolutely not making up any stories. The Dutch police’s Chief Innovation Officer Hans Schonfeld has clearly hinted at an amazing scenario that can change the policing, making it a lot easier and fun I would say!

According to the chief, they are heading up for a technology that can take over your self-driven car in case someone steals it. As soon as you report the incident with the police, they would take over your car to auto drive it to the nearest police station with the thief probably locked inside!

Adding value to the pitched idea that is no more in theories only, he said:

“The police tested several cars; Tesla, Audi, Mercedes, and Toyota, we do this in collaboration with these car companies because this information is valuable to them, too. If we can hack into their cars, others can as well.”

He also mentioned that it might take ten years for these types of cars to make it to most of the regions in the world, keeping in view the current status of the self-driven cars.
The idea of the internet of things that expects these cars to interact with objects inside and outside the car, both, we really hope that for around ten years from now these cars will be available to communicate to wireless networks in their surroundings.

The idea of heading up with these connected cars has been tested in the Netherlands already. These cars are expected to respond to the intelligent traffic lights and other signs on the roads.
We can expect this idea of self-driven cars going to a new machine learning experience where these cars will be able to understand and interact with their surroundings. This also includes the realization of a situation and then acting according. For example, if you are hit by a road accident, then your “smart car” should know how to call an ambulance or help.

Revolution in the Police Sector:

We cannot ignore the fact that with these cars rolling out, we can expect a lot of things being automated at the cops side. You can simply take over a stolen car without needing running after the thief or creating check posts.

A lot of manpower saved! To this the chief said:

“This is something we need to start thinking about, should we start planning for connected and self-driving police cars? When do we need them? That means a large portion of the force, our traffic officers, will probably get new duties?”

This incredible technology would be soon incorporated in the Police cars so that these amazingly excellent features can be really experienced. Last but not least, no more charge for traffic violations on your head. Break a signal or the speed limit! Your self-driven smart car is responsible… Not really,  to this the chief said:

“No, you will still be accountable, unless it’s a proven technical defect. Then your car manufacturer will have to pay up.”

With this incredible technology rolling out, tech experts can get a lot of jobs waiting for them. Check them out here.

The Darker Side:

We can never see the green side of the hill to ignore the pit right ahead of the peak. With technology making it a lot more easier, the vulnerability is always directly proportional. If on the one hand, you get to drive safe cars on the roads, the criminals, on the other hand, get to pursue their criminal acts in a safe side too.
Imagine a self-driven car filled with explosives reaching to the destination all by itself! No track of criminal no log!

Schonfeld said:

“Once we’re all driving autonomous cars, I imagine we need systems that detect cars without passengers inside, specifically in crowded, public spaces.”

Are you waiting for these driver-less smart cars as much as we are? Stay tuned to follow up more on this news!

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