Uber is planning to resume its self-driven car services on the Pennsylvanian streets.

The service was ceased due to a fatal car crash in Tempe, Arizona in March. This car crash killed a pedestrian woman. The incident led the company to suspend self-driven cars in many cities.

The transport hailing company, Uber, has finally decided to bring the self-driven cars back to the Pennsylvanian roads for the test purpose.

The company has submitted its safety report to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday. According to the company’s spokesperson, the company is not yet focusing on bringing the self-driven car services back for the public. Instead, the Company just wanted to resume the on-road testing of these ‘improved’ self-driven cars. But, the company is waiting for authorization from Pennsylvania’s department of transportation before these cars make it to the on road-testing.
The company has assured in its safety report that the software behind the self-driven cars is an improved version with a better performance. Furthermore, the company assured that the cars will test run in the presence of two safety drivers on the front seat. The cars are incorporated with an automatic braking system at all times. Moreover, the company is determined to ensure the involvement and attention of the drivers whilst driving. Keeping in mind that the previously reported crash was merely due to the distraction of the driver. The driver was then, busy on her phone, streaming a live television show.
Stressing on the safety report, Uber Chief Executive, Dara Khosrowshahi said that the company is focusing on improved processes before the cars hit the road. Also, that the company is extremely saddened over the incident and is committed to ensuring transparency and open communication. Doing this, the company can hope to avoid such incidents and gain the trust of the people. Also, he said:
“The competitive pressure to build and market self-driving technology may lead developers to stay silent on remaining development challenges. At Uber, we believe there is extraordinary value in sharing operational safety approaches and coordinating with others in the industry to develop methods to measure and demonstrate the progress in self-driving development”.
The Uber self-driven cars are going to make it on the roads as soon as the company receives an “authorization letter”. We wish Uber best of luck for the self-driven cars and hope that the processes have been really improved!
We think safety should lead innovation. What do you think?

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