Uber’s new logo is the word ‘Uber’.

For Uber, the year 2018 has been filled with controversies. Just when the company decides to redesign its logo completely what it comes up with is literally the word ‘Uber’. What is actually new is that the company has used a Typeface that it has itself made. Notice the right side of the alphabet ‘U’ and the left side of the alphabet ‘b’. That is what the company’s new trademark is about.

When you will open the app, the word ‘Uber’ will slowly fade out leaving behind the two trademark lines (Not that bad maybe?).

Not so creative, right? Many of us will still want to see the old logo which at least looked like somebody has given it its due importance. It seems like the logo makers had a major creativity deadlock with the whole redesigning thing.

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Peter Markatos revealed that the company is giving a shot to rebuilding its reputation with a rebrand. He further added:

As we expand our reach into our other markets and modalities, it’s super important that it’s very clear that when you’re getting into an Uber car or on an Uber scooter, you know that is an Uber product,” he said. “We weren’t achieving that with our current system.

But clearly, the rebrand does not look like a rebrand at all. But the team at Uber did mention the thought process behind this. According to the team, people were having a hard time associating the symbol (Uber’s logo) with the app.

According to Markatos, three things that are iconic for Uber are; it’s U, the use of black color, and its name (saw that coming, right?). He further said: ”We are a household name, why would we go away from that?”

But let’s just be completely honest here; we are deeply disappointed with the new logo (aren’t you?)

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