Tesla is still the top dog when it comes to electric cars, but it is facing competition from other big names such as Audi and Mercedes. Now Hyundai has entered the race. Hyundai is set to release Kona electric, a crossover SUV that can cover 258 miles on a single charge.
This figure is the best in the business apart from Tesla’s electric vehicles. The base model should cost somewhere around $37,000 and will officially release in January next year.
The Kona Electic or Hyundai EV is built upon Hyundai’s existing gas-powered SUV, the Hyundai Kona. The EV is almost identical to its gas-powered twin.
The Kona Electric is just 0.2 inches longer in height and 0.6 inches wider than the regular SUV. It will have 6 colors, 2 of which will only be available in the electric version. EV comes in three models, the base model known as SEL, then you’ve got the Limited and then there is the Ultimate version.

The trim version will impact the interior of the vehicle. It will have 201 horsepowers and a 64kWh battery, but due to the extra cabin space, it is more comfy than the Chevy Bolt or original Kona models. The battery compartment does not sacrifice trunk space. It is in fact only second to Nissan Leaf. Hyundai Kona EV offers 19.2 cubic feet of boot space.

The SEL base model will give you all the neat connectivity features that every modern vehicle has. It also has a 7-inch touch display that supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Sirius XM radio and BlueLink connectivity.

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BlueLink enables users to manage smart features such as battery charging, temperature etc with their smartphones. Other radical features include smart laning, forward collision preventions, driver attention warnings, and blind spot detection.
The limited edition will contain all the features from the SEL base model, and add in LED front and backlight, high beam assistance, a sunroof, Homelink connection and wireless charging compatible with Qi.

For those unfamiliar with high beam assistance, it is an automated headlight adjustment feature. It automatically turns on high beam during intense darkness, and lowers it when a vehicle is incoming.

The Ultimate edition, just as the name says, contains everything and more. It contains all the features of the Limited version plus forward collision detection that will now be able to detect pedestrians as well.
Other high-end features include rain detection wipers, an audio system designed by famous audio company Harman, heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, and a heated steering wheel.

There is a bit of a controversy which buyers should be aware of. The regular Kona gas model has four wheel drive but does not have cruise control, Kona EV will have cruise control but no four wheel drive. It only has front wheel drive, which some might prefer, but it’s actually quite rare.

Kona EV’s 64 kWh battery can generate 170kW power that can give drivers a massive 258 miles on a single charge. The top attainable speed is 104 mph. The vehicle also has a sportier suspension due to its low center of gravity.
Probably the vehicle’s only flaw is the long charging times, which were to be expected. A bigger battery obviously means it will take a longer time to fully charge. But in reality, compared to the competition it’s not too bad.
It has a 7.2 Watt charger and a 110 Volts Level 1 power supply that fills the battery from zero to 80 percent in nine and a half hours. This means that you can charge up the Kona to almost full capacity overnight.
If a user decides to charge via the Combo fast charger, the Kona can be charged under an hour, which is crazy fast. This essentially means, if a user was to charge their Kona EV, it will take them half an hour to get a 125-mile travel distance.
Just by looking at the specs, it feels the Kona EV will be able to give Tesla a run for its money. For the price it is rumored to cost, it offers serious bang for the buck. For long-distance travelers, this is especially useful as it offers quite significant mileage on a single charge.

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