List of ARCore supported devices is out.

ARCore is Google’s platform for the experience of augmented reality. It uses APIs in ARCore enabled smartphones to determine the environment and interact with it. These APIs are available for Android and iOS.

According to AndroidPolice, the ARCore team just rolled out a list of new smartphones and tablets that appears to bring the augmented reality framework. Some of the products are not even announced yet. These include OnePlus 6T, Nokia 9, and ROG Phone. Some older models of Sony like Sony Xperia X, is also on the list.

OnePlus 6T is not released, but the list clearly shows without using any codename. Other devices appear with their respective code names, some of which are easy to understand. For example, the Nokia 9 with name AOP_sprout and Nokia Phoenix with PNX_sprout.

If you have one of these old devices, you should be able to install ARCore from the Play Store. It may take a few hours to a few days before the Play Store enables access for newly supported devices.

Along with the new devices, some old devices could also be found in the supported list, including Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Vivo, etc.

List of devices with ARCore

  • Huawei
  • P20 Lite [HWANE]
  • Mate 10 Pro [HWBLA]
  • unknown [HWJKM-H]
  • unknown [HWLYA]
  • Nokia
    • Phoenix [PNX_sprout] * This is rumored, but name is unconfirmed
    • Nokia 9 [AOP_sprout] * This is rumored, but the name is unconfirmed
  • OnePlus
  • Razer
  • Samsung
    • Galaxy Note9 [SCV40, SCV40_jp_kdi, SC-01L]
    • Galaxy Tab S3 [gts3llte, gts3lltechn, gts3lltekx, gts3llteusc, gts3lltevzw, gts3lwifi, gts3lwifichn]
    • Galaxy J5 [j5y17lte, j5y17ltektt, j5y17ltelgt, j5y17lteskt]
    • Galaxy J5 Pro [j5y17ltedx, j5y17ltextc]
    • Galaxy J7 [j7y17lte]
    • Galaxy J7 (2017) [j7y17ltektt]
  • Sony
    • Xperia X [suzu, F5121, F5122]
  • Vivo
    • V1809A [PD1809]
    • Vivo NEX B [PD1806B] * There is a NEX A codenamed PD1806, but it’s unclear if this is the same device with a variant name or a new model
    • Vivo X21i [k71v1_64_bsp]
  • Unknown
    • CTL_sprout (naming pattern matches Nokia phones, but I didn’t find anything resembling confirmation of the name)

We have to wait till October ends to see what the final form of this list will be.

Is your phone on the list?

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