Have you heard about virtual reality? Did you ever play virtual or augmented reality games?  If yes, then you might have noticed how far it has come.
Virtual Reality is fun to play with, no doubt. It feels like you are playing in the ‘real’ world. Virtual Reality games make use of giant goggles to give you near-to-reality visuals.
There is another reality called Augmented Reality; many people confuse this with virtual reality. Let’s identify how different are the two from each other:

The definition of these two words

Virtual and augmented reality are two different words.
Virtual Reality portrays a 3D image that communicates into the real world by using specific equipment such as a pair of glasses with 3D lenses.
Augmented Reality is an integration of digital information which ‘augments’ the realism into the existing environment.

What’s the difference?

These two words are relatable and are often used interchangeably. Virtual Reality is all about blocking your current environment and transforming it into a separate area. For instance, you are sitting in your bedroom, and you wear virtual goggles, your bedroom turns into an ocean, and you feel like you are swimming under the sea.
Augmented Reality is all about taking the transformational environment and adding something to it. An example of Augmented Reality is a leopard coming out of your laptop or a shark popping out of your business card. The best example of augmented reality is Pokemon Go. This game got banned in several countries due to accidents and injuries because of it. Augmented Reality is used with a smartphone.

Which one is better?

As more virtual games came into existence, more tech geeks and game lovers are addicted to virtual and augmented reality games. These two are hard to be distinguished at times.
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Many people claimed that Augmented Reality is better as it adds to Virtual Reality. Virtual and Augmented Reality is a futuristic generation for medical and organ donor associations. If you want to donate your blood, the nurse uses the device which shows makes veins visible through your skin.
Moreover, Virtual Reality requires goggles whereas Augmented Reality requires a smartphone. Many say that Augmented Reality is better as it provides more freedom to the user. To each his own, let’s keep it till here for now.
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