All About the New Playstation VR

With the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, there was no opportunity for any Virtual Reality device not working with a PC.

However, with the new version of the PlayStation VR, this was not true anymore. This device is an excellent and very affordable piece of technology that can give us a bit of what quality VR is like.

It is not perfect, of course. It has some issues – like the fact of having to buy a PlayStation Camera and Move Controller if you want to have a great experience, but we can assure that this is just worth it.

With this device not completely developed, games not being entirely designed and working just as demos, you can still have a great experience with some of them. You can play Batman VR to immerse in a new action world, the Job Simulator to have great laughs and even the Wayward Sky to prove your instincts and reflexes.

To play with the VR, you’ll just need a PS4, the Dual Shock 4 controller and at least 6-foot square of space with enough light. Setting it up is easy, the device comes with instructions and it is just matters of a few minutes.

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PlayStation VR: How it Looks Magical

Just as every other VR device on the market, this one needs to immerse its user in a new world or reality creating two images in the console and sending them to the device a few feet away. It is great in the PlayStation VR because unlike its competitors; this device can do it without having an incredibly expensive GPU.

This device does its work by tracking the lights of the controllers, being the Move or the Dual Shock with the PlayStation Camera in nine different points to create a freedom of movement.

The remarkable fact that it uses a camera to track movement makes it a little more accurate, but that doesn’t mean it has some issues. Like the tracking loss of the controllers happening often.

On the other hand, it should have more than one camera to work correctly. When you’re playing and step a little out of the camera range, it will start warning you to step closer, but this doesn’t happen with the other VR’s, like the HTC Vive who gives a room-scale system to move around with no problems whatsoever perfectly.

What’s more, most games will recommend the user to play in two positions, standing up or sitting down both stationary. However, you can experience most of them when playing standing up.

The best thing you can do to make this system work better is to move the camera to an angle covering as much room as possible to avoid getting up and setting the camera after starting a game.

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What PlayStation VR is exactly

Virtual Reality has existed for decades, but the new technology seems way better and immersive than the other versions. VR is the best way to get out of your house without actually moving a finger; making it possible to explore different worlds and fantasies from home.

And it is just as impressive as it looks.

This device works with the greatest visual quality a VR with low-budget GPU’s can give. With less than even half of a gaming PC capacity, this VR can provide even the same amount of FPS and image quality.

However, this device has a significant advantage over the other VR devices. It is possible to play lots of game as Sony is already a game publisher and will not make it difficult to adapt and develop different other games for its new device. While the other franchises will have to create their games or adapt to the ones they’re given, Sony is already pushing its games to the maximum.

With more than 50 games expected to the end of the year, this new device will make everyone experience awesome games in a way no one could ever expect to do. Chasing cars, flying airplanes, immersing in the deep oceans, improving reflexes and so much more, in this new device that will revolutionize the way you experience.


PlayStation VR is just a peek of what console VR will be. With other devices like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, the experience is far more immersive and crisp. However, being a gadget for PS4 and not a hilariously expensive gaming PC, nobody can complain.

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