Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is a new type of “phablet” with a foldable display. The device folds in the middle like a butterfly, allowing it to transform from a phone into a tablet in seconds.

The question on everyone’s minds now is “how many times can it fold without breaking?” Well, Samsung had given us an answer. The company issued a press release along with a video showcasing week-long tests on a row of Samsung Galaxy Fold devices.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Fold is capable of 200,000 folds with its new Infinity Fold display – that’s an estimated 100 folds a day for up to 5 years.

Samsung put the phone through rigorous testing to ensure the experimental tech will be able to deliver on the promised quality. The only other foldable competitor they have at the moment is Huawei’s Mate X. While Oppo briefly talked about releasing a foldable device, it has yet to make an appearance.

Samsung is paving the way for new design trends in the smartphone industry, with foldable displays and cutout cameras looking to put the notch in a timely grave.

While we are still far from seeing foldable display phablets under $1499, we hope to see in-display fingerprint sensors, cutout cameras, and quad-cameras on the back of phones become a new design trend this year.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is set for a public launch on April 26th, 2019, with a hefty $1980 USD price tag.

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