After clean installing Windows 10 on my laptop, I noticed that the This PC icon disappeared from my desktop. While I remember getting that icon back on my Windows 7 PC, with Windows 10 things are a little different.

If you’re in the same situation and wondering how to get This PC icon back, I’ve got you covered.

To enable the This PC shortcut, just follow these simple steps:

Enable This PC shortcut:

  1. Right-click the desktop and click Personalize
    A screenshot of settings box in Windows 10
  2. In Personalization, find and select Themes
    A screenshot of Themes settings in Personalization
  3. In themes, find and click Desktop icon
    A screenshot of Desktop Icon settings in Windows 10 settings app
  4. A window will appear with Desktop icon settings
  5. Find and select Computer under Desktop Icons
    A screenshot of Desktop Icon Settings
  6. Apply changes and press OK

Now, the This PC icon will appear on your desktop. You can also enable other icons like Recycle Bin, Control Panel, User Files, and Network shortcut from the same settings menu.

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