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Struggling to take an insta-worthy photo from your phone? Having a good phone and still not being able to get a nice shot is a major let down. But worry not, we have a few hacks to get you through a few pretty good insta-moments.

So let’s get started!

Adjust the camera settings on your phone

Just because your camera is on an automatic mode does not mean it would take great pictures. Even auto mode settings can get blurred images when you take your pictures. The best solution is to adjust the camera settings on your phone such as screen brightness or putting on a night mode. The better the picture settings, the more precise your images will be.

Choose a high-resolution mode

Majority of selfie addicts like to take pictures without realizing that the resolution is not high. The trick is to set it in a high-resolution mode. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the image. When you take pictures, try to get the camera closer to the object rather than zooming into the object.

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Use back camera more often

All smartphones have back as well as front cameras. I know you like to take selfies through a front camera. However, it does not always work well when taking selfies. The front camera is mainly suitable for making videos and therefore have a much lower resolution. The back camera is better equipped having more megapixels. Also, the front camera offers video conferencing. You can take photos with both cameras (also known as bothie).

Clean your lenses

When you put your phone in your pocket or bag, the lenses will be smothered with dust or dirt. The best way to take clear pictures is to clean your lenses now and then as it also gets covered with your fingerprints. You will be surprised how to clean lenses can affect the visibility of your pictures.

Use tripods or selfie sticks

Use selfie sticks or a tripod for taking better pictures. Tripods are great for the slow shutter speed whereas the monopod is perfect for capturing a distant object (usually yourself).

Tripods and monopods are available in different lengths and sizes.

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Go towards the light

The most pertinent issue people face when taking photos indoor is the lack of natural light. The better the view, the more appealing your picture looks. One of the best ways to take photographs indoors is to head to the sun-lit spot. Even when taking photos at night, try to lead to the closest street light or near neon lights around advert signs.

Be careful with composition

When taking pictures of objects, be careful with the angle, scale, and framing. Once you know the position of the objects, you are set to take amazing photos.

Use panorama modes

Most phones have a panorama mode; this enables you to take great landscape photos. Just steady with your hand and snap a great landscape shot. If your phone does not have a panorama mode, then you can download apps like Photosynth (Apple) and Autostitch Panorama Mode (Android). If you want to snap multiple shots for a single object, just set your camera into a burst mode.

Download other camera apps

Many camera apps help you to take pictures with filters that a camera alone can’t. Your camera phone has a limited function to capture your images. Camera apps tend to have additional features like screen beauty, blurred backgrounds, filters and color settings on your phone.  These additional features enable you to play around your pictures. There are other apps to download such as Camera+ (iOS) and ProCapture Free (Android).

Install photo editing apps

One of the most significant ways to enhance your pictures is to install photo editing apps. Majority of the enhancement photos are modified after taking the photo with the editing apps. The best ways to enhance the experience of taking photographs is to install these photo editing apps. These photo editing apps will let you crop photos, remove red eye filter, flip images and rotate your photos. What could be fun than editing your photos with these image editing apps, right?

Stable your position

When you take photos indoors or outdoors, stable your position first. Whether sitting or standing, the photos must be at least clear and stand out from the rest. You do not want to trip over when heading outdoors. So the best solution is to be careful about your position and surroundings. While taking a picture in a bush, watch out for the insects as they might bite you!

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