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Sometimes, the stock camera app that comes with your company might not be enough. It can be the best app that works with your phone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an improved camera app to take manual photos like a Pro. Most of the time, the stock camera app comes with limited features and hence you need a 3rd-party camera app to take photos like pro photographers. You can take breathtaking pictures by playing with exposure, ISO and other manual controls your creativity is the limit. Here are our picks for the best camera app android.

1. Google Camera

best camera app android
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Google Pixel 3 is the latest Pixel phone that holds the throne of the best camera phone with Huawei Mate 20 Pro sitting right behind it. One of the key things in making Google Pixel phones the best camera in any smartphone is the software. Google uses algorithm and image processing to create stunning results from a mobile camera using just one lens. Google Camera app is the best camera app Android for taking photos without worrying about the settings. The default auto mode works so well for us as you don’t have to look at the settings. Just take it out of your pocket and click a photo.

The app is available on many supported smartphones. Download this app, and you will notice that the Google Camera app is doing its magic, unlike your stock camera app. Google Camera app is available in Play Store, you can check on the given link. If it says your phone isn’t supported, then you are out of luck. Otherwise, you can enjoy Google’s version of the camera app for Android.

2. Camera FV-5

best android camera apps

You might have noticed, but almost all Android apps come with limited controls, they don’t have complex manual settings for pro users. Camera FV-5 is our favorite app when it comes to taking manual shots. It has everything, from taking RAW images to adjusting ISO, exposure, contrast, and focus. Once you get used to the app and understand the features, you’ll love this app. You can tweak photos without using any photo editing apps.

Camera FV-5 is a paid app that comes with all of the features. You can try the Camera FV-5 Lite for free, and if you like the free app, you can get the premium version from Google Play Store.

3. A Better Camera

best camera app android

“A Better Camera App” the name justifies the performance of this app. The app is full of useful features that a photographer will admire. You can challenge your photography skills and play around with this camera app to capture the best of your shots. It also comes with HDR mode and with so many manual controls. You can get A Better Camera and A Better Camera Unlocked on Google Play Store.

4. Camera Zoom FX

best android camera apps

In the list of best android camera apps, Camera Zoom FX comes right behind A Better Camera. The app now supports Camera2 API manual controls. It can do so much more than a stock camera app does, like, action shots, photo composition, collage, photo filters and more. But the best part is the Camera2 manual control support. It can also capture RAW images on supported phones. You can manually set ISO, focus distance, shutter speed, and exposure. You can download Camera Zoom FX – Free and Camera Zoom FX Premium from Google Play Store.

5. Footej Camera

best camera app android

Footej Camera also comes with Camera2 API support. And with this, it brings all the manual controls that let you take great photos by adjusting shutter speed, ISO, focus, white balance, and exposure. You can also capture RAW images with RAW histogram support. Footej Camera lets you make GIFs too. You can download Footej Camera from Google Play Store.

6. Open Camera

best android camera apps

The list of best Android Camera apps can’t be complete without mentioning Open Camera. The app is open source and is free to download on Google Play Store. It has auto-stabilization and manual control features. Open Camera is customizable and lets you take photos from the volume key. You can download Open Camera from Google Play Store.

These are the best Android camera apps from the Google Play Store. If you have something more to add, you can comment their names below.

Let us know which is your favorite app and why?

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