Adam Mosseri
The new CEO of Instagram.

Today’s latest news for Instagram users is: “Adam Mosseri has been appointed as the new CEO of Instagram”. Whether this news is exciting or igniting, it will be decided in future, as it indeed depends upon the later modifications in the application.
Facebook has not stopped the promotions of its strategic group of executives, whatever the incidence company faced before. Facebook is continuously progressing forward in all departments regardless of the past events.
This news was not broadcasted through a proper channel. However, a group photo of three co-founders revealed the secret of the new appointee. Kevin Systrom, the former CEO of Instagram and Mike Krieger, another co-founder declared the appointment of Adam Mosseri as new Instagram CEO, on company’s official blog on Monday.
Mosseri was nominated as the head of product back in May. He was working as the designer and news feed in charge at Facebook.
The founders and the appointee himself took time in reaching a decision to assure that either this decision would work for Instagram or not. Many users were concerned over the last week’s shocking security breach, leading to the users taking off their data from accounts.
In a statement, Mosseri declared to keep Instagram’s unique culture intact, which includes
“Simplicity, craft, and community as well as kindness.”
Facebook mentioned that they searched thoroughly to appoint Mosseri for this position. Further, the Company declared that both Mosseri and Systrom were not called for formal interview. Head of Instagram is the official title for Mosseri.
“Mosseri has a strong design background and a focus on craft and simplicity – as well as a deep understanding of the importance of community,” Systrom added in a blog post.
Instagram was founded in 2010 and purchased by Facebook of worth 1$ billion dollars. At the time of purchase, Instagram was ads free and had around 31 million loyal following. When taken over by Facebook, the company started advertisements to boost the leads. Now, Instagram has occupied a distinct place in the social media market.
Instagram has handy features which are exciting for all. It is expected that Instagram would maintain its originality.
What do you think, would Mosseri be good enough for this position? Share your views and stay tuned for more updates!

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