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Social media site Gab is now back on the track after a week block because of the Semitic views. Gab went back online on Sunday as the website found a new domain host. And it seems like that was not enough as the users are back to posting anti-semitic messages.
Gab was dropped by GoDaddy, its host when it was revealed that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was a frequent poster on the site.
11 people lost their lives as a result of the attack including a Holocaust survivor.
The social media website has found a new domain host Headquartered in Washington, USA, Epik is in the business since 2009. The site stated they would be back soon when they were blocked. Almost immediately, Gab users starting posting anti-semitic messages again.
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The company stated they are cooperating with the authorities on investigating the Pittsburgh shooting and are also defending their social networking site platform.
The company stated:

“Social media often brings out the best and the worst of humanity. From live streamed murders on Facebook, to threats of violence by bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc Jr. that went unaddressed by Twitter, and more.”
“Criminals and criminal behavior exist on every social media platform.”- Gab

Epik founder and CEO Rob Monster stated in The Seattle Times that he and his team would work on the website efficiently and appropriately.

“I do believe the guys that are on the site are vigilant,”
– Rob Monster, CEO and Founder of Epik

In 2016, Gab faced tons of racist and hateful content of the site. Gab founder Andrew Torba mentioned that he observed an increasing number of users passing racist comments.
Gab highlighted other types of users and comments on the platform. At the time of returning online, Torba stated:

“We want to see nothing but positivity, peace, and love. It’s time to show the world that we have the best community on the internet.”

Rob Monster mentioned he does not like or support such mean and hateful content. He received a call from the CEO of Gab to understand what strategy to utilize to improve the content on the social media platform.
Monster speculated that the ‘garbage’ on Gab are people who were trying to hurt and embarrass the company. He cited in Washington Post as a ‘liberal rag’ which discussed the challenges of governance for the internet.
So let us hope Gab returns online free from hateful comments! Stay tuned to our updates!

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