Instagram down
Instagram went down today.
Remember how you are unable to read captions on Instagram posts because the hashtags were distracting?

If you are one of the million Instagram users who find the extensive use of hashtags extremely annoying then we have a good news for you. According to a recent source, a few prototypes are in the testing phase that will give users more power over their posts. This means that the hashtag-caption dilemma will be solved. Moreover, the audience to which your post appears can also be controlled. Let’s tackle each proposed feature one by one.

The Highlight Stickers:

This update will enable the users to pick out pictures and doodles from others’ highlights and paste into their own. Still, don’t follow? Basically, this is similar to the quote tweet feature on Twitter. Users will be able to use each other’s highlights making their posts more interactive. This feature can be used to create viral content and rather than referring to a link you can simply use the highlight of the target story.

Video Tagging:

So far we have seen people tag each other in pictures. Videos are either left untagged or if tagged then it is done in the caption section but what fun, right? So another feature that allows people to be tagged directly in the video is in works for the users. This means that the mentions in the videos will no more be ignored giving each video a wider outreach.

The Hashtag Selector:

We promised you good news at the beginning of the article and it’s time to unravel.  This new feature will appear as a separate option just like adding a caption. This update is aimed to separate the caption section from the hashtag one. Finally, less annoying and more engaging posts!

Instant Quiz Stickers:

Before you all make an early judgment that Instagram already has a poll and ask me a question feature we’ll advise that you wait. This new feature, as opposed to its previous counterparts, will show you the answer as soon as you select the option. We are not sure about how we feel about this update but it can be good for learning.


Saved the best for last. This is, by far the most impactful feature. Geofencing is not a new feature to websites like facebook but on Instagram, it can make an impact on what appears on our feeds. The new option “choose location” will not be for locating where the photo was taken but this option will allow you to choose where your post appears. This, if developed, will be an effective tool for all businesses and social media managers who will gain more control over where their post appears.
All in all, we are absolutely in love with these cool new Instagram features and can’t wait to use them.
Let us know which one’s your favorite in the comments section below!

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