As if Apple’s smartphones and computers weren’t enough to entice the users; the company is now in talks with A24, the studio behind Oscar-winning movie Moonlight. This will be a big step for A24 and Apple as they are looking to create some magical movies together.
This is a step in the right direction for Apple as it is looking to spice things up a bit. The tech giant is moving away a bit from hardware and instead focusing its energy into the world of entertainment. Apple hasn’t provided much detail about this deal.
It only revealed that the deal would involve the production of many films that will last for some years. Financial details of the deal were also not made public. It remains to be seen if the movies will be theatre releases or the digital ones.
A24 is considered a pretty young and upcoming film studio despite winning an Oscar. The film studio has made a name for itself by creating some artsy and thought-provoking films. Some of these films include “Ex-Machina,” “Room” and “The Witch,” “The Disaster Artist” and “The Lobster.”
A24 will continue making other movies outside of the deal with Apple since the deal isn’t exclusive. A24 has distribution deals with Amazon and DirecTV that won’t be affected by this partnership. The deal with Amazon allows A24 to release movies on Amazon Prime, a few weeks after they get released in theatres.
The deal with DirecTV allows A24 to distribute its movies thirty days before they get released in cinemas. This gives A24 more recognition. People who are curious about A24’s movies, but don’t have the time or money to go to a cinema, can watch the movies through such deals.
This gives A24 a bit of experience in dealing with digital distributions of their movies. A24 also knows how to work with video on demand services. This makes the partnership with Apple the logical next step.
There were rumors about Apple buying the studio, fortunately, these rumors turned out to be false. This is good for the studio’s creative independence. A lot of times when big companies buy out smaller studios, the creative process gets killed as a result. Executives start to put a lot of yellow tape around controversial projects and interfere way too much.
This distorts the artist’s vision, and an inferior product is born as a result. It seems Apple has a lot of respect for A24. The Silicon Valley veteran will let the movie studio to work on other films as well.
Apple has also been reportedly working on TV shows so it can compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The company is reportedly working on family friendly content for its TV streaming service.
Apple does not want to ruin its squeaky-clean image, which is why it is afraid of producing gory, violent and controversial video content. Let’s see if A24 will receive similar treatment from the company or if it will be given a pass.
Mind you, A24’s movies contain nudity, sex, drugs, and other sensitive topics. So it will be interesting to see how the movies turn out to be. We will keep you posted on any update we receive.

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