Do you have a Mazda without an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? If yes, then it is the time to get your car kit updated through a dealer. Mazda offered Apple CarPlay and Android auto in its 2018 models as standard, but now the upgrade is available on other models following 2014. You can now get the update but in a good deal of bucks.

With the integrated functionality of a 2.1 amp charging USB ports, it offers some hardware tweaks and smartphone integration too.

However, the deal is very expensive. The labor cost of getting the update installed is up to $199. However, a few people who installed the update said the total cost of bearing this change is around $400. If the figures quoted are true, then the update is pricey. Also, Mazda does not offer touch infotainment screens but manual knobs to operate.

You can have this technology retrofitted to all vehicles with Mazda Connect dash interface from 2014 model year. Though the cost to bear this change is very high, but the technology is somehow available for retrofitting, unlike the other car models that expect you buy a new model instead. However, the price isn’t any different from what other companies are offering. CarPlay on BMW is available for $300 without the option of retrofitting to the previous vehicles. This is somewhat equal to the one offered by Mazda with an additional $199 labor cost making the sum almost equal to $400.

According to Apple Insider:

“CarPlay and Android Auto will be natively supported in U.S. Mazda6 models built from this month on, an exception being the Sport trim. Other Mazda vehicles with native support include 2019 CX-5 and CX-9 models”.

The upgrade is rolling out, and you can get it installed by asking your car dealer.

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