We have been hearing a lot about Apple’s upcoming streaming service but the company is yet to officiate more resourceful news about it.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the delay in its introduction has a lot to do with what the company is thinking about its streaming service. Apple wants to make its streaming service as ”family-friendly” as possible and has therefore decided not to display violence, nudity, and sex (of all sorts) at all.
Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook was very clear about the type of entertainment he wants the company’s name to be attached with. He told that he would not want the company’s image to be tainted by the profane content.
If we compare how the team at Apple is thinking right now to what’s actually happening on other popular streaming services, we’ll witness two polar opposites. While streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Hulu have focused on quality and original content without limiting themselves to any filters, Apple has gone for a bumpy ride.
From our experience, accommodating every age group in the kind of content a streaming service provides has a lot to do with its success. If a streaming service starts off with a limited target audience and that too, in a fierce competition with other well-established ones, things may not work out well.
The company is currently working on two of its original projects to be telecasted on its upcoming streaming service. Both the shows have been delayed (again, I know!). The company has also bought a few family-friendly popular TV shows for its streaming service. These shows include Friday Night Lights. The company has also taken Oprah Winfrey on board for one of its projects.
With Disney Play set to release soon and a bunch of well-established streaming services, it is interesting to see a smartphone giant to enter the race.
Whether Apple will be able to steal the show or succumb to failure is still a mystery!

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