Microsoft Windows 10 update just released and we are entirely in love with the new features it has to offer. Want to know more? Have a look!
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2nd October 2018: Microsoft surface event marks the release of the second major Windows 10 October 2018 update.  The windows update has taken things to a whole new level. As stated in Microsoft’s blog:

“As with prior Windows 10 feature roll-outs, our goal is to deliver the October 2018 Update in a phased and controlled roll-out to provide a great update experience for all. We are beginning the global roll-out out via Windows Update in the coming weeks.  As with previous roll-outs, we will use real-time feedback and telemetry to update your device when data shows your device is ready and will have a great experience. You don’t have to do anything to get the update; it will roll out automatically to you through Windows Update.”

How to Get this Update?

Microsoft further affirms that a notification would be generated once the update is downloaded to your device and is ready to be installed just like the previous updates. We noticed the same with the first Microsoft Windows 10 update that made its way in April 2018. Microsoft claims the use of machine learning practices to pick devices that can have a smooth update experience. Rumor has it, Microsoft is further deciding to improve this feature, setting a smooth update experience for its users.
People who have been waiting for Microsoft Windows 10 Update can also get their hands on it manually. This can be done by simply checking for updates on your device. Look for updates in your taskbar and start the installation process. Microsoft assists its users not to do this manually until you have a system that is compatible with the new update. To prevent such users from an unpleasant upgrade experience, Microsoft has decided to upgrade its machine learning to block updates against incompatible devices.

What the Update offers

This update from Microsoft focuses majorly on the compatibility of mobile devices with windows. So there is good news for all Android and iOS users.

Microsoft is all set to release your phone app which is designed to provide better support for Android and iOS on Windows 10.

Microsoft users on Android would be able to gain access to the Timeline Feature, allowing all the android devices to sync better with Windows. For iPhone users, you may not be able to enjoy all these features due to the limited activity access that your devices offer.
Microsoft has launched some really exciting features for the Office 365 users too.

Microsoft has used AI to make PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word a lot more exciting and fun to use.

Microsoft now supports handwritten bullets, flowcharts, diagrams, and smart art icons. Microsoft office uses artificial intelligence to understand the concept behind your handwritten bullets, diagrams and flow charts and would automatically convert them into something that’s formally presentable.
Not only this, now you can have your 3D models and pen gestures supported on PowerPoint and Word. Whereas Microsoft Edge users can enjoy numerous perks such as upgraded grammar tool, a line feature that helps you keep track of lines you are reading, and an offline dictionary.
Microsoft has also introduced the amazing Cloud Clipboard that allows users to copy stuff across machines. You can now keep a complete backup of all your content on the cloud!
Well, apart from all these wonderful features that Windows 10 Upgrade offers, Microsoft still has something more in store for us. Just to hint, Microsoft is about to launch a huge multi-browser timeline compatibility very soon.
Stay tuned to know more about this amazing feature. We promise to keep you updated!

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