Easy ways to clean earbuds and headphones

Easy ways to clean earbuds and headphones
Easy ways to clean earbuds and headphones

Something we face in our daily lives!

Everything we wear on our body needs to be clean. Whether its a hat or a sock; the more you use it, the more it collects dirt, wax, and bacteria along the way. That dirt can also get inside the speakers and distort the sound. The headphones also accumulate dirt and who can’t forget about them being sweaty. Here are the ways to clear earbuds and headphones,

Tips to Clean headphones and earbuds:

The first thing to do at least once a week is to clean the headphones pads or silicon tips with a mixture of soap and warm water on a slightly damp cloth. Make sure the headphones are turned off.
Clean the inside of the headphones with a small soft brush to remove dirt. Use a soft, dry toothbrush to gently brush the hard surfaces of the earphones or ear cups. For ear tips, you have to take them off from the earbuds. Use the brush to gently scoop out any ear wax.
Easy ways to clean earbuds and headphones
It’s important to always let your headphones dry fully before charging. Even if your earbuds or headphones are water or sweat proof, you shouldn’t keep them wet for longer periods because water gradually gets into battery section or towards earbuds to short them out. Always let them dry before you put them on their covers.
It’s always a good habit to store your device in your bag/case when not in use. This will protect them from any impact, dirt or even scratches. Use the case you have when you bought them, or you can buy one later. Just make sure that the case you choose fits your headphones.
Easy ways to keep your headphones safe
Do not use or store your headphones in very hot or cold places. Places, where there’s much moisture or temperature, is a big NO for your headphones especially when they have a battery inside.
Also, do not store them long-term in a humid environment, even if they are water resistant. For added protection, keep something like a pack of silica gel in the bag. Make sure it’s out of the reach of children.
Cord cable
Always wrap your cable properly, loop it around your fingers, making a circle with the cable. Avoid making rat nest of the cable.
Circle cable earpiece
Never unplug your headphones by pulling the cable. This can weaken the cable inside. Also, never remove the headphones from your ears by pulling on the cord, especially if they are sealed. The created vacuum can cause damage to your ears. Instead, grasp the handset and twist it slightly while pulling it out.
Following these guidelines will definitely prolong your headphones’ life.

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