Verizon 5G Home - World’s first 5G network
The future of connectivity is here. Image: PocketNow

We were listening to the word 5G from quite a long time. Today, it’s not a future thing anymore. Verizon introduced its first 5G network today. They’re initially going to cover four cities of the United States. The current setup is to provide fast speed wireless internet to home users.

Verizon 5G Home:

Verizon 5G Home router is capable of delivering around 300Mbps. The covered cities include Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. A guy name Harris from Houston is the world’s first customer of 5G.

Verizon - World’s first 5G network

Mr. Harris and others Verizon customers are paying $50 a month (if they have a Verizon phone plan) or $70 a month (if they don’t). Also, these charges are applicable after the free three month promo period.

Early Bird Perks:

Other benefits of being an early bird include a free Apple TV (4K) or Google Chromecast Ultra on which they can watch YouTube TV for free. The router will be installed by Verizon experts (they installed this morning), ensuring full Wi-Fi coverage of your home. If you need an extension to get the maximum connectivity in every corner of the house, Verizon has it.

That’s a lot if you ask me. If you want to know more you could visit Verizon to get 5G services at your home. You could also get updates if your home is 5G ready or when 5G is coming to your area and stay up-to-date on 5G-related news and offers, including the launch of Verizon’s 5G mobility service.

Mr. Ronan Dunne who’s the President of Verizon Wireless says:

“The world’s first commercial 5G service is here, We’ve formed incredible partnerships with many of the world’s leading technology companies, the international technical standards bodies, public officials, developers, and our own customers to drive the 5G ecosystem forward, faster than most had predicted. And now, actual customers. It’s been an incredible journey…and we’re just at the starting line.”

Ronan Dunne, President of Verizon

Here’s what Mr. Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon said to Bloomberg:

Verizon claims that they beat every other network in the market and the credit goes to Verizon 5G Technology Forum. This forum was started in 2015 and the partners include Verizon, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Intel, and Cisco. By working together they succeeded in delivering a solution before the 5G NR standard is complete (under development by the 3GPP).

Another news, Verizon will upgrade your router free of charge once the hardware using the global standard is approved and available for commercial use.

Verizon 5G Home router replaces the broadband cabling at your home. If you have a 5G enabled phone, 5G services are on its way soon to make you first on 5G members before the rest of the world.

Source: Verizon

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