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Apple is facing severe allegations from Qualcomm on infringing their patent.

There has been a continued battle of allegations and charges between Apple and Qualcomm based on technologies. Apple has accused Qualcomm of acquiring unfair patent licensing practices. Whereas, Qualcomm has accused Apple of the infringement of one of its patents related to power management technology.
Based on the allegations against Apple, Qualcomm has demanded to ban iPhone imports into the US. The case resided with US international trade commission. After a hearing on Friday, the US trade Judge locked the decision denying Qualcomm’s request to ban iPhone import. But, the court agreed to the fact that iPhone had been infringing one of Qualcomm’s patent. This decision would be reviewed by other judges.
Apple pleasantly responded to this decision saying:
”We’re glad the ITC stopped Qualcomm’s attempt to damage competition and ultimately harm innovators and US consumers”
Whereas Qualcomm expressed mixed feelings saying that they were pleased that judge found Apple guilty of infringing the patent but:
It makes no sense to then allow infringement to continue by denying an import ban. That goes against the ITC mandate to protect American innovators by blocking the import of infringing products, there are many ways Apple could stop infringing our technology without affecting the public interest.”
After the hearing on Friday, Intel’s general counsel Steven Rodgers said Qualcomm had publically disparaged Intel’s products as inferior to Qualcomm’s during the case. Keeping in mind that ITC is famous for handling Patent’s disputes, Qualcomm withdrew three of its six patents from the case in June before the trial began. Whereas, the Pender explained that Apple infringed only one out of the three patents presented in the case.
Keep reading till the next hearing to get more updates on the case.

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