Samsung Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto are official
Samsung Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto are exclusively for the automotive industry! - Image: Samsung

Samsung launched their own in-house chip Exynos back in 2010. The chipset gained everyone’s attention in just a few years as it was powered by many of Samsung handsets not available in the US but in the global market.
On the other hand, ISOCELL CMOS is Samsung’s own camera sensor, found in many Galaxy flagship devices. ISOCELL CMOS is considered as one of the best camera phones in the market till date. Today, Samsung announced their intentions of bringing both Exynos and ISOCELL CMOS in the automotive industry.
Kenny Han, vice president of Samsung Device Solution Division said that:

“Samsung’s new automotive brand solutions, Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto, bring Samsung’s market-proven technologies to automotive applications with enhanced features and durability required by the market,”

The automotive industry needs more advanced sensors and heavy-duty performance to make smarter and safer cars. This is the reason why Samsung is jumping into this segment.

“With fast telecommunication, accurate sensing and powerful processing capabilities, Samsung’s Auto-branded solutions will enable new driving experiences to next-generation smart vehicles.”

Samsung Exynos Auto:

Samsung Exynos Auto
Image Samsung

When it comes to complying with environmental regulations, Exynos Auto does not disappoint.

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This durability allows the automotive industry to make cutting-edge applications like smart driving assistant, infotainment and telematics.
For this purpose, Exynos Auto has proposed the following three sub-categories.

  • Exynos Auto V series: advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.
  • Exynos Auto A series: ADAS (Advanced driving assistance systems).
  • Exynos Auto T series: telematics solutions.

Samsung ISOCELL Auto:

Samsung ISOCELL Auto
Image: Samsung

ISOCELL works as your vehicle’s eyes. Having said that, its new technology is actually going to give sight to cars. Samsung confirmed that ISOCELL sensors can capture more details in the dark environment. This helps to identify objects in low light condition. This allows the application to analyze road conditions and potential threats while driving through tunnels and other difficult driving conditions.
The company will be showcasing Exynos Auto and ISOCELL products at International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany. The event is from 16th October to 18th at Hall 1. You could view them from the links above.
Do you think Samsung will be able to settle in the Automotive industry? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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