The idea of electric bikes is not new, as Lime has been doing the business of electric bikes and scooters since 2017. But bike folding feature is exciting and innovative. Just imagine that now you can fold up your bike and place it into the storeroom, garage or even on the side corner of your bedroom, after having the regular ride.

General Motors has revealed its plan to introduce the foldable and compact electric bikes in the market next year.

The automaker industry is diligently participating in launching the electronic automobiles. Thus, to keep the pace with industry and to make products unique and innovative, GM is working hard to build a compact design for electric bikes.
GM has not much information to share with the public regarding e-bikes or its eventual plans. For example, the director of General Motors Hannah Parish wouldn’t say anything about e-bike ride-sharing services in the future. “I can’t say anything is on or off the table at this point,” she elaborated.
It is expected that the bikes will be “smart”, “compact” and “connected”, to some extent inspired by GM’s OnStar. However, no clear picture regarding GM e-bikes has been out yet. Currently, GM’s gas-powered vehicles are equipped with security and emergency handling features. According to the convention, the bikes are fortified with security features, too. It will be built with front and rare rechargeable ports and LEDs. Still, to explore the original design of e-bikes, we’ll have to wait till its official launch in 2019.

“We know that people who live in urban areas, like me in downtown Toronto need different opportunities to use different types of transportation when they going and doing different things. We know that congestion in cities is a problem and the e-bikes feed right into our efforts,” Parish, director of General Motors Urban Mobility Solutions explained in her statement to media.

For now, GM is hunting the good name for its electric bike and invited the public to participate in its brand-naming campaign. Participate in the brand-naming challenge and win up to $10,000. Entries are open till 26th November, the winner will be announced on January 31st, 2019.

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