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Amazon’s Echo devices are progressing by leaps and bounds. This time Amazon has come up with an exciting feature for Amazon Music subscribers.

Music lovers can now ask Alexa-the AI robot of Echo device by Amazon, to track their favorite music artist and ring up a voice alert whenever the latest music album hits the market.

Music app by Amazon will release notifications via Alexa. These notifications will alert the Amazon Music subscribers whenever a new album is launched by the listener’s favorite artist. A yellow light will appear on the Amazon Echo device for the subscribers whenever a new song is released. Also, additional notifications will be sent to the associated iOS and Android application platforms. Once the users receive the notification from the Amazon Music, they can listen to their favorite music artist, immediately.
This new and extraordinary voice tool would facilitate the Amazon subscribers in discovering new artists without knowing their names and bands.
No doubt, it’s a treat for all those who want to listen to different voices in the world of music, every time.
Alexa is providing various routine services via Echo Dot from the very first day of its launch. Amazon is innovating its product with every passing day. According to 2018’s top sale results at Amazon; Echo Dot has secured the second position on the hot seller list.
It is nothing but a facilitating tool for everyone regardless of their age, profession or any demographics. It is a package which is smartly programmed with highly useful features from scheduling meetings to listening to favorite artists. All you have to do is give a voice command:

“Alexa schedule my meeting for the next Monday”
“Alexa, follow this artist on Amazon Music” or “Alexa, let me know when this artist has a new album.”

From today, users in the US can enjoy this latest launch by Amazon Music.
Who is your favorite artist? Let Alexa know.

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