Let’s talk about the embarrassment that we had to face before WhatsApp introduced “Delete for everyone” feature. We all have been through this, accidentally sending the message(s) to the wrong person and regretting it. You press the send button, and there was no way back. But thanks to “Delete for everyone” feature in WhatsApp, we can now delete messages and feel less awkward about it.

But there’s something annoying about this feature. People use it too often now, some of your friends might use it to tease you as well. Or sometimes, you want to know what the other person was thinking. That’s what makes one curious about knowing what was in the message. I’m a curious person, and I would want to know what was in the message before it got deleted.

As they say, there’s an app for everything. There’s an app for reading deleted WhatsApp messages too. You can know what was removed after the sender deletes it for everyone. It sounds very exciting, but there’s a caveat. I won’t encourage anyone to download and install the app before knowing what’s on stake here.


You should be concerned about your privacy. Remember that giving this or any other app access to your notifications mean that they’ve access to the content of your messages and everything that shows up in notifications. Before proceeding, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the app and understand what these apps will access. I won’t be responsible for anything unusual that could happen because of this app.

If you’ve read the disclaimer, we can move forward now.

WhatsRemoved+ is an app that lets you grab the deleted WhatsApp messages from the notification and read it even after the sender is no longer willing to share it with you. The moment a message gets deleted, you’ll receive a notification that a sender deleted a message. You can open the app and read the message.

Once again, let me remind you before using this app, you should understand that it will have access to your notifications and all the messages that arrive in the notifications.

WhatsRemoved+ is available on Google Play Store, and it lets you read messages that are deleted for everyone.

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