WhatsApp is Reportedly Working on Multi Phone and Tablet Chatting

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WhatsApp is working constantly to provide the most real-time experience to its users. The outlandish goal to turn the reality into the virtual reality has compelled the meta to do breakthroughs. WhatsApp was working on enhancing the features, such as increased call time, emoji reactions, and a more user-friendly experience.

However, now there is purported news that WhatsApp may be working on yet another advanced feature. So, it can turn the surprise of customers into sheer happiness. A screenshot of the beta version of WhatsApp is showing that WhatsApp may be working on allowing the users to chat on the same account from multiple devices.

This may seem a simple adventure, but it can tear apart the naïve imagination of people about the power of AI and virtual reality in this data age. So, let’s discover more aspects of this news and how it can affect the users.

Same account on multiple devices

Yes, same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, such as phones and tablets. This feature has the power to shatter the boundary of time and space and can give more power to users to explore the digital world. The screenshot found on WABetainfo instructs the users to register a companion device by scanning the code on the main phone.

Moreover, another screenshot found in the previous beta gives hints on the upcoming feature which will allow all recent messages to sync. What do you think? So, is this feature a reality or just another lollipop from a tech giant? If we look into the history of WhatsApp, it has taken to complete the rival messaging apps, then it is crystal clear it is into something.

However, the meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has denied commenting on this development. Despite these all evasions, we can get an understanding that WhatsApp may do it. Chatting through different devices using the same account is still an actively used feature of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web is the most famous and most-used feature in today’s world. This feature allows the users to chat using different devices with the same WhatsApp account.

You would scan the code of WhatsApp Web through the Linked Devices option from WhatsApp. Then boom, you will use WhatsApp on any device with the same account. So, looking into this feature, we can assume that WhatsApp may soon launch multi phone and tablet chatting as well.

Previous WhatsApp updates

Previously, we got to know that WhatsApp was working on multiple fronts to win the hearts of the customers. The prominent features would allow the file sharing capacity of up to 2GB and audio calls for up to 32 people.

Moreover, the stunning features of emoji reactions and admin delete are outstanding features. These features will thrill the users from around the world. Over 2 million WhatsApp users belong to different communities and ethnicities. So, WhatsApp allowed making communities comprising multiple groups. This feature would allow the seamless overseeing of large communities without making a mess and chaos.

So, WhatsApp is going beyond the expectations of its customers. A normal WhatsApp group has a maximum capacity of 256 members. However, Communities on WhatsApp could combine multitudes of groups for simple conversation and management of chats.

Wrap up

As the pace of technology around the world is speeding up, so the upcoming advanced features of WhatsApp. The increase in the number of users in voice calls and enhancement of file sharing capacity are all showing that WhatsApp is giving a tough time to the competitors. Moreover, the Linked Devices was rolled out as a public beta in November 2021 and since then, WhatsApp has brought a lot of changes into it.

The company is trying to align all the features to give some more than customers could ever want. Similarly, the reported news of WhatsApp working on the multi phone and multi tablets may be one more adventure of WhatsApp. After all, there are almost 2 million WhatsApp users from around the world who all want seamless service.

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