Android comes with third-party messaging apps support which means that you are not stuck with the default messaging app. A plethora of applications can be found on the Google Play Store. These text messaging apps come with different flavors; you can change fonts, colors, icons and customize these apps to make your texting experience even better.

Here are our top picks for the best messaging apps for Android that you can download in 2019:


Stock text Messages app logo

Messages app comes preinstalled on phones with stock Android. It has a dark mode, a web messaging client, and auto-reply suggestions. Google’s stock messaging app for Android has gone through many changes in recent years. The company tried to evolve messaging experience with Allo Messenger, but eventually, the project was laid to rest.

The Messages app was recently equipped with an RCS messaging system which enables you to communicate with devices using RCS technology. Google is also looking forward to bring Google Assistant to its Messages app, and make it more like Allo app.

You can download Google’s Messages app from the Google Play Store for your Android phone.

Textra SMS

Textra messaging app logo

Textra is a simple and minimal messaging app that covers every great aspect of a texting app. With Textra, you can customize the look of the app by changing Font, Emoji styles, App Icon Color, and Bubble colors. You can also customize the look of the app by changing the Bubble style, Text font, and Text size. The app also lets you choose the theme color of the app and screen color for better reading. You can also customize notifications in the Customize Notifications option.

Textra lets users put their custom signature along with the ability to delay message, Quick Compose, Web Previews and much more. You can download Textra from Google Play Store.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private messenger app logo

Signal Private Messenger is a popular app among those who are concerned about privacy. The app is designed with a focus on privacy and security of the users. It offers end to end encryption and lets you enjoy seamless messaging under a secure platform.

You can also check linked devices and unlink them, tweak Chat settings and control Media auto-download settings.

Download Signal Private Messenger from Google Play, open the app and set it as the default messaging app, complete the setup and you’re good to go. Signal messenger app is also available on Linux, Windows, macOS and App Store.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS app logo for best text messaging app

Pulse SMS app lets its users text from any device. It is available on different devices like phones, tablets, PC, Mac, and wearables. Seamless syncing lets you synchronize all your text messages between devices, but it requires a Pulse account.

Other than multiple devices support, Pulse app also offers private conversations and lets you schedule messages. You can even backup messages, clear old messages in bulk, set a passcode for private discussions, and configure auto-replies.

You can download Pulse SMS for Android from Google Play Store and other platforms from their website.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS app logo

Chomp SMS offers a similar experience like other messaging apps. You can schedule a message, backup option for messages, lets you add signatures and much more. Chomp SMS Pro removes Ads from the app and offers FREE unlimited themes.

You can download Chomp SMS from Google Play Store.

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  1. I usually use messages app for texting because it is already installed inbuilt application in the phone. Thanks for the informative article.

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