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One Plus is the highly famous brand of China known for its high-end specs devices at competitive prices. OnePlus gave a tough time to the giants like Apple and Samsung. OnePlus has announced that they will develop a smart television. The new product will be created by a separate division, which will run parallel to the smartphone division, and will still be led by CEO and founder Pete Lau. Pete Lau says that:

“We believe your TV has the potential to be so much more than where you watch your favorite shows”

Pete Lau

Every smartphone manufacturer is making gadgets for our daily lives like smart speakers by Huawei and Samsung. We already know about “Home Pod” and “Google Home” by Apple and Google in which they used their AI assistant to make things done by voice commands.

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Mr. Lau told that the television will hit the market in 2019, using smart features and artificial intelligence to stand out from the crowd or traditional televisions.

“Since 2013, we have focused on building the best smartphone possible. In the process, our team and community have learned a tremendous amount about software, hardware, design, product development, and delivering on the best possible user experience. These efforts — all of those long nights and weekends in the office contributed by this team and community have paved an excellent foundation on which to build the OnePlus TV experience.”

Its an early stage of development and OnePlus need their fans to help to decide what their new product name will be:

The TV industry is going through fluctuations especially when Sharp stopped making the product in the US of televisions in 2015 and licensed their brand to Hisense. After that, they sold their business to Hisense in 2017. Many JVC’s Televisions who’re famous in Europe are actually manufactured by Vestel which is a Turkish company.

We could expect aggressive price tags with high-end features compared to brands already in the market. It will not just a TV but has  Google Assistant integrated to sync with your smart devices at home.

For now, the company is all set to launch OnePlus 6T expected to launch next month.

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