One of the most disappointing things about foreign trips without a tour guide is coming back from the tour and realizing that you missed a good deal of attractions. Worry not as Google (always to the rescue) as launched a traveling tool that lets you know about the nearby attractions you ought to see.

Be it images, maps, translator, scholarly articles or what not, it won’t be wrong to say that Google is the ‘master’ of all trades (we are willing to make an exception for Google here :p). Google’s traveling bird will help you travel solo without having to depend on anyone or anything. And if you find it hard to mingle in with the locals then your next trip just got even better.

Traveling Bird

How does it work?

You all must be wondering as to how different is it from the normal search that most of us do before going somewhere. We love to break it to you that it is way better than your ordinary searches. Since it is a tool, it comes with a lot of filters catering to all the concerns that you as a traveler may have. For instance, you can look for places according to your budget using the price filter. If you are feeling adventurous and want to experience the true essence of life in the city, you can opt for the ‘time of the day’ option that will let you filter activities suiting a particular time.

Moreover, the other options include duration and refund; equally handy, no? If you change your mind on your way to a certain place, you ought to know the cancellation policy which the Touring Bird highlights from the get-go.

The search just got even better!

Further, the tool also offers categories like family-friendly, art-focused, and unexplored wonders type activities. This makes your searches even more specific depending on the type of activity you feel like doing.

In order to make it more engaging, Touring Bird will also give the feedbacks from the travel experts as well as the natives. You can read facts about different places on-site to make your visit even more interesting. And there’s also our favorite option; places you can visit for free!

Traveling Bird
Traveling Bird
Traveling Bird

It is basically a web tool, not an app. It is a complete website that makes search highly refined for you just like Google Scholar. You can make reservations using the site without having to worry about it at all.

Destinations it will cover

For now, the website includes a few of the traveler’s favorite destinations (you may disagree with Google’s picks but they are based on its very own database). These destinations include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, New Delhi, Orlando, Prague, Paris, San Francisco, San Diego, Toronto, and Washington DC. Google will also be adding more cities in the future.

It’s availability

Google has collaborated with Expedia, WithLocals, and Viator to help make the Touring Bird even better. However, there is one bummer; the site is currently available only in English and is available in the US and Europe-based locations. Apologies to the non-English speakers for the enticement.

Google may introduce translated versions for different countries (there’s no such news, just an assumption considering how generous Google is when it comes to providing services).

This exciting new tool is going to save you the grind of having to endlessly search for fun activities, what’s worth what, reading reviews and what not. For some, the excitement of going on the trip drains right there and then.

But not anymore!

Final word

So by far, the site is looking pretty solid. It could be the ultimate tour guide helping you plan your activities while you travel in a budget-friendly way.

The site lists the top three attractions for each of the twenty cities it is currently offering. If you use this tool on your next tour to one of those twenty cities, we can safely say that you won’t miss a thang (give this travel enthusiast a break!).

Traveling Bird

So let’s just hope that Google adds up more cities and makes its service more inclusive by introducing translated versions for other popular languages in the future.

Till you travel again!

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