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Microsoft’s new Office app for iOS and Android combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Microsoft Office app
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Microsoft has finally combined Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one single app called “Office,” which will be the new go-to app for iOS and Android users. Instead of opening and closing one app to get to the other, users will be able to access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one place. In a public preview offered by Microsoft for both iOS and Android users, the three separate apps can be found in one single place, and soon, the new Office app will be available for download as well.

The new Office app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one app, in order to offer a simpler, comfortable, and powerful mobile experience to Office users. Users will be able to access their documents both on their mobile phones as well as on the cloud. Editing, creating, accessing, and searching for documents will be easier than before, and the cloud storage will instantly store all data to prevent deletion or accidental loss.

Moreover, the Office app will come with a new Actions pane that will make editing and accessing documents simpler and smoother. The new Office app will enable users to turn captured images of documents into Word files that can be edited, pictures of tabular data to be turned into a full-fledged editable Excel spreadsheet, and pictures lying in your phone to be used in a PowerPoint Presentation.

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With the help of the Office Lens feature, users will be able to create digital images of documents, and the built-in app functions will further make performing tasks such as creating PDF files from pictures or converting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents into PDF format much easier. Signing PDFs, scanning documents, scanning QR codes to open files, and sharing documents between your mobile phones and computer will also be instant and convenient.

Overall, it looks like the Office app will offer the elements of simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness for the users by combining all three apps in one single Office app. In spite of the previews being available for the iOS and Android users, no specific information has been shared as to when the app will be launched. Until then, the iOS users can access it using Testflight, and the Android users can preview it on Google Play.

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