Project xCloud is Microsoft’s take on Google’s Project Stream

So many gadgets surround our lives from smartphones to consoles and PCs including smart devices with touch screens used for entertainment. The more devices are becoming part of our lives, the more is the need to connect them. The display devices in our lives are phones, TVs, computers, laptops, and consoles.
Gaming is an industry growing every day on every platform. From mobile to consoles and PCs, there are more than 2 billion gamers in the world. The need to stream games on more devices is increasing, and companies like Microsoft is making it possible. Project xCloud offers console quality gaming on any device through your fast internet connection.
Project xCloud is Microsoft’s take on Google’s Project Stream. The game streaming service is designed to allow users to stream Xbox games on consoles, PCs and mobile devices. Microsoft has been working on the project for a while and promises support for all future Xbox games. That means you will be able to play console-quality video games on your phone; streamed from a console on your phone.

Devices with less powerful hardware are unable to play games with high graphics, and hence gamers are only limited to high-end devices for gaming. Projects like xCloud will enable players to play their favorite games on any device with the internet and that can be controlled. Smaller devices like smartphones can use Xbox Wireless Controllers for playing games as well as PCs. However, just like Google and other companies, Microsoft is also unable to solve the latency which is a common problem faced while streaming games. Microsoft acknowledges the issue and says that they are working on it. The company also have custom hardware in their data centers for Project xCloud and is working to improve the gaming experience.

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Service trials will possibly open next year. Microsoft will have to compete with Google’s Project Stream which was recently announced. Project Stream allows gamers to stream game like Assassins Creed in Chrome browser. NVIDIA GeForce Now and PlayStation Stream are also in line for competition. The battle to bring console-quality games to your smart devices is getting interesting. Let’s see how these companies can solve the problems and deliver the best of the gaming world to all devices.
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