MacBook Pro 2018: Perfection at its best

Apple Macbook Pro Update 13In 15In 07122018 | Apple Macbook Pro Update 13In 15In 07122018 |

The new MacBook Pro comes with a lot of new changes making it perhaps the best laptop Apple has ever made. It has considerably increased its performance and also added many other exciting features for its users. The laptop comes in 13-inch and 15-inch variants. The laptops also feature up to 4 TB of high-speed SSD storage.

Apple has summarized the specs in the following highlights:

Macbook Pro Specs
Source: Apple

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Increased Performance

The most prominent improvement this year is the significant increase in performance we see compared to its predecessors. This year’s MacBook features the latest eighth generation Intel 6-core and quad-core i9 processors. The processors feature up to 4.8 GHz turbo boost. These processors are up to 70 percent faster than seventh generation processors. They give MacBook increased ability to efficiently handle high-performance jobs such as working with photos or videos.

Macbook Pro 2018 Shows A Significant Increase In Performance When Compared With Other Versions. Source: Apple
MacBook Pro 2018 shows a significant increase in performance when compared with other versions. Source: Apple

The company has also improved on the RAM technology by introducing 32 GB DDR4 RAMS. If this doesn’t improve the laptop’s performance, I don’t know what will.

True Tone

The True Tone feature is a pure genius that Apple has added to the new MacBook. The feature requires a light sensor to determine the ambient color and brightness of the surroundings to automatically adjust the colors and brightness of the screen. If you are even a little into photography, this feature is very similar to adjusting the color temperature in your camera for better photos. True Tone gives you relief fro the eye-pricking blue light screen. The feature can be enabled or disabled to suit your preferences.

Apple T2 chips

Apple introduced the T2 chips for the first time in a MacBook. The chip controls the Touchbar, Siri Voice Assistant Touch ID. The primary functions of the chips are to support secure boot and storage encryption, providing enhanced security.

Apple T2 Chips
Source: Apple

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The Touchbar

This year MacBook Pro witnesses great advancement in the Touchbar. Apple has removed the traditional function keys to makes space for the Touchbar. The Touchbar has the capability to change functions and buttons according to the task user is performing. The Touchbar provides an interactive way to change system controls, browse the internet and interact with photos and videos.

Improved Graphics

The MacBook Pro comes with an enhanced graphical performance. The model features a Radeon Pro discrete GPU in every 15-inch model. Each discrete GPU is paired with an impressive 4 GB of GDDR5 memory empowering users to run graphically intensive applications with the most ease.

Apple Macbook Pro Update True Tone Technology 07122018 |
Source: Apple


With all these, top-notch features, the MacBook Pro does comes with a high price tag. The basic 13-inch model starts from a staggering $1,799 while the 15-inch version carries a $2,399 price tag. With all the specs added, the price rises to a mighty $6,699. With the high price making it almost impossible to afford the laptop, one can only be stunned in amazement by looking at the powerful device.

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