These may not be the best but their price is truly justified

Many folks are in love with Apple’s easy-to-lose AirPods and it’s actually hard to understand why. Looking at them will just make you a bit reluctant about the kind of designers Apple has.

An awful pair of earbuds which are so pricey that one may think dozens of times before buying them, aren’t they? Only those who are true audiophiles and who prefer quality over convenience may get the courage to opt for these. This review is intended for those who think that Apple’s AirPods are no more than a frail and glossy piece of audio buds because we felt the same but turned out that things were way different. Being priced at $159, they indeed meet one’s need.

Much more than just “wireless” and “EarPods”

The Google Home Mini and Pixel buds are amazing for the compactness they have and here we say that Apple, indeed, seconds them. AirPods are not merely the wireless EarPods. They fit into your ears perfectly well and remain tucked in despite you doing push-ups or other strenuous exercises. Hopefully, you won’t experience them falling or hanging out. That’s an undeniable advantage which gets rid of you worrying about your EarPods falling every time their wire faces the mildest of tugs.

AirPods’ sound is much more dynamic than we initially perceived it to be. Apple has done a good job in bringing the outclass high-fi audio in its products by keeping intact the sound quality. Is Apple giving a competition to hi-fi audio companies? Maybe not but AirPods have an emotive sound quality which is irresistible and satisfactory. You may not get the full intent of the audio you are listening but you will for sure experience the longing in your mood!

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that AirPods is the best among the whole collection of wireless earbuds available. Some may not find them extraordinary but this is only when they are holding the comparison against hi-fi audio quality products. In comparison to Bragi and Jabra, we’ll recommend Apple AirPods because of less connectivity interruption and hi-enough audio quality.

The design, which may seem aesthetically underwhelmed to many, has a pinch of wisdom in it. Apple has moved the electronic batteries to the stem so that the whole cavity of the earbud can be used for the sound production. That’s true to say that AirPods are all about functionality in spite of the stylized look they have.

Android Connectivity and the room for improvement

It’s obvious to expect that AirPods pair very well with Apple devices. However, our benchmarks reveal that they function seamlessly smooth with the Android phones too apart from the battery life indicator and auto-pause feature which are missing. The subtly great design and ultra-quality audio make us recommend the product to Android users too if they can bear the aforementioned limitations. No connection issues were witnessed in our benchmark tests with Android and Apple both so one can expect it to live up to the expectation of delivering uninterrupted audio quality.

Talking about the cons, it is important to highlight that AirPods have room for improvement in term of lack of noise-canceling. The battery life is four hours which isn’t as great as it could have been and the price being set at $159 is the biggest blow. People usually don’t find this idea reasonable to spend such an amount on a pair of EarPods. We leave the choice to you about buying them. Our recommendation stays unbiased in saying that we absolutely loved them with all the shortcomings!

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