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After the successful journey of 4G, Smartphone industries are ready to take-off for 5G series. Perhaps, all the top Smartphone companies would launch their next 5G compatible phone generations in 2019. But Apple, for now, is not inclined to make any 5G launch in 2019 and reportedly declared that it would release its first 5G compatible iPhone in 2020.

The Fast Company resource acknowledged that Apple is planning to use an Intel 5G model, the 8161, in its 2020 iPhone series.

Apple is using precursor 8060 for prototyping. But it is not fixed well because of heat indulgence issues due to high millimeter wave signal density that raises the phone temperature and depreciates battery’s life. This issue is forcing Apple to back out from Intel and attain the services from Qualcomm like before. According to Intel, they are still determined to retain Apple as their potential client as Apple has not asked for 5G modems from Qualcomm yet.

The sources revealed that, Apple might ask MediaTek for the 5G modem supply on the safe side, if they fail in securing quality modems from Intel.

But MediaTek designs modems for lower-priced smartphone and Apple’s iPhone design is complex and requires excellent quality hardware to process the operations. Still, Apple has one year to map the iPhone requirements with 5G modem offered by Intel to continue the business with renowned hardware suppliers.
However, Apple has not shared its views yet regarding this matter. This news could be disappointing for those who have been waiting for 5G iPhone for a long time. But, Apple is running fine strategy to avoid the issues. Apple’s 5G iPhone series will launch in 2020 with optimal hardware functionality and secure maximum market share in the industry, hopefully. We hope that Apple comes up with something big!
Excited for iPhone 5G series? Wait till 2020.

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