Have you bought the new 11-inch iPad Pro only to have it bend within a few months? If so, you want to replace it with a new one, right? In order to get another new iPad Pro, you must have AppleCare+ as well as some cash. An Apple user named Zach has reported that he got the new replacement of his bent iPad Pro via AppleCare+ but still have to pay a $49 service fee to Apple.

Zach found that his 11-inch iPad Pro was getting bent after the one month of casual use, so he went to get the replacement. Right after the distribution of iPad Pro devices, Apple acknowledged this flaw. Apple mentioned that it might happen from day one due to a problem in the cooling process during manufacturing. 

On Friday, Zach got the replacement of his iPad Pro but not without a service fee, despite having the insurance that should have covered a replacement. It’s unclear what the terms will be for replacement if one does not have AppleCare+.

Earlier reports on different forums claimed that Apple charging the fee because it assumed a bent iPad was the result of accidental damage. 

“I guess me going in and expecting them not replace it without a bigger fee made it more palatable, but I probably shouldn’t have had to pay anything for a problem I didn’t cause myself,” Zach noted.

If you are going to buy this device, it’s probably best to AppleCare+ with it, but still expect a fee for a full replacement.

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