Google adds creator credits to the images.
News has it that Google is all set to add creator credits to images from now on!

Google has come up with this solution for tracking the creator of images.  Previously, Google never accommodated when it came to the hunt of image creators. This left a lot to be done at the user end while hunting down for the creator of a given image. With the addition of this feature, we hope to see control over the emerging image piracy trends across the web.  Google plans to show the Creators Information or track through a link that reads: “Image Credits” on the image.
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Also, Google has planned to add copyrights notices with images in coming weeks. Although this advancement would create a problem for the company, Google is ready to face the backlash.
Before this move, back in February, Google excluded the “View Images” button to ease the tension between Google and Getty. This move was a part of a settlement over the charges alleged by Getty on Google.
To get this new feature rolling smoothly, Google has collaborated with CEPIC (Center of the Picture Industry) and IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Council). This would help stop the Image Piracy practice that has completed harmed the ownership credits.
 Thumbs up Google for this little step towards cyber security and copyrights!

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